Since its official launch in the Philippines on September 2019, AHC has upped Filipino skincare regimens while taking the beauty industry by storm. Originally developed for high-end aesthetic clinics in South Korea, AHC is the No. 1 Korean Aesthetic Skincare Brand that is renowned for its luxurious yet affordable skincare line that uses only premium ingredients and the most advanced technology there is. It’s the only line that the Song of Style, fashion blogger and designer Aimee Song herself, trusts. 

The launch began with the much-awaited availability of AHC’s Eye Cream For Face, the No. 1 Eye Cream in Korea. Developed and perfected in Korean aesthetic clinics, Eye Cream For Face is an all-in-one solution to combat signs of skin aging. With 45 clinically proven effects, this lightweight moisturizer acts as the perfect addition to any skincare routine because its anti-aging properties work to firm, hydrate, soften, soothe, whiten, and lift at the same time. It is a cult favorite in Korea, as one tube of AHC Eye Cream For Face is sold every 3 seconds! 

Following the release of Eye Cream For Face, AHC has announced the release of its total line of facial masks in the Philippines. In Korea, masking every day is common and part of a religious beauty ritual. The masks are categorized into four groups: Natural Essential Masks, the Premium Cellulose Masks, Black Facial Ampoule Masks, and the Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask.

Taking inspiration from skin-soothing treatments at Korean aesthetic clinics, the Natural Essential Mask range combines mild yet intensely hydrating essence formulated with natural ingredients with high-quality pure cotton mask sheet to provide effective and soothing benefits.  Made with 93% natural ingredients including Glycine Soja (Soybean), each mask boosts skin hydration by as much as 20% without leaving a sticky feel to the skin. This comes in four subcategories, namely the Aqua Brightening Mask, Aqua Lifting Mask, the Aqua Nourishing Mask, and Aqua Calming Mask. The Aqua Brightening Mask reduces signs of hyperpigmentation while evening skin tone in four weeks, the Aqua Lifting Mask simultaneously improves skin elasticity and skin texture in two weeks, the Aqua Nourishing Mask reduces moisture loss, while the Aqua Calming Mask effectively tightens pores while repairing and soothing skin damage from harmful UV Ray exposure.

The Premium Cellulose Masks are likewise designed for sensitive skin but are developed to treat the kind that is easily irritated by external conditions. High-fit, soft, and mild, every sheet is drenched with a full bottle of ampoule that energizes skin and creates a moisture seal to provide long-lasting hydration.  They also come with various 50% formulations for further skin benefits.  The Premium Hydra Soother Cellulose Mask has 50% hyaluronic acid solution for deeper hydration, The Premium Vital C Complex Cellulose Mask has 50% lemon fruit extract to brighten up the skin, while the Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask has 50% hydrolyzed collagen to firm skin up. 

Last, but certainly, not least is the Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask.  Unlike the aforementioned Premium Cellulose Masks, this comes with a patented three-layered gold foil sheet that prevents the ampoule from evaporation—thereby allowing for the product to fully and intensely penetrate the face.  That said, it is recommended for people who are prone to frequent skin dryness (even after wearing other sheet masks).

The Black Facial Ampoule Mask range works best for dry, rough, and dull skin because they are soaked with 100% coconut charcoal and moisturizing essence. There are two types from this range to choose from. For added moisture sealing and hydration benefits, choose the Black Rose Facial Ampoule Mask. For those seeking brightening effects, the Black Pearl Facial Ampoule Mask is your best bet.

Whatever mask you decide, make the most of it using the thermometer found in every pack.  The built-in measuring instrument turns green when the mask reaches the optimal temperature.  Applying them this way makes the product ingredients soak up better and leaves a cooling, relaxing sensation on your face.

Celebrating this exciting event are three of the country’s most-followed celebrity influencers who are just as meticulous and passionate about succeeding in their careers as they are about maintaining glassy, ageless skin. They are none other than model and photographer Patricia Henson, Break My Style vlogger Laureen Uy, and Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez.

AHC’s The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face as well as the complete range of Natural Essence Masks, Black Facial Ampoule Masks, Premium Cellulose Masks, and the Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask are now available in the Philippines at all Watsons branches nationwide. They are also available on the brand’s official Lazada page. For more information on AHC, visit You can also check out AHC on their social media pages. FB: AHC Beauty Philippines | IG: | YT: AHC Beauty Southeast Asia


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