The Future is Vinyl: Satchmi Vinyl Day 2018

If you’re a fan of local Pinoy acts, vinyl records, film photography, locally crafted booze, and other local merch, chances are you were present at Satchmi’s Vinyl Day last Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Held at The Axon in Green Sun, Makati, this yearly event pioneered by Motorino maker Satchmi lets everyone experience their love for the old but still gold music format: vinyl.

Music enthusiasts of all ages flocked to the venue for Satchmi’s great records sale, live performances, and unlimited flow of booze to boot! Crates upon crates of records were on sale with as much as 50% discount. The Motorino Mk. III was also on sale with a hefty discount of 20%. It is their new player with a headphone jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. The event went on from 12nn to 12mn. Plenty of time to peruse the wide selection of pop-up shops including Satchmi’s own Film Folk, Levi’s, Audio Technica, Sperry, and other local brands such as Fine Time Studios, Jappy Lemon, Diyalogo, Geo Plants and Decors, and lifestyle brand Team Manila.

This year, the live performances were started off by Muni muni, which was then followed by Quest. Fans were cheering on a few lucky audience members who were invited by Quest onstage. Pop songs “Dati” and “Paborito” had the audience singing along and dancing to the beat. After the upbeat but heartfelt set by Quest, dreamy tunes filled the venue as Ourselves the Elves started playing. You just can’t help but stop and listen to their tunes.



After a calming set by Ourselves the Elves, all-girl punk band Flying Ipis proceeded to take the stage. One word to describe this band: Nakaka-loka. Every time you watch them live they just get better and better.


The fun didn’t stop there as indie newcomer Carousel Casualties took over the stage. The four-piece were seen wearing major sponsor Levi’s swag as they serenaded the crowd with their hit song “San Junipero”. Taken by Cars, a band behind the hit “December 2 Chapter VII” way back 2008 took the reigns next. It was a welcome feeling of nostalgia when they started playing.

The crowd was brought to a standstill as B.P. Valenzuela, (a Satchmi Vinyl Day veteran at this point!) amazed the crowd with her staple bedroom beats. If the crowd were all cheering at the previous performances, they were all silent at this one. It’s as if the crowd were just savoring the moment.


Lions & Acrobats, followed by She’s Only Sixteen energized the crowd with their lively tunes. They were jumping and bopping to the beat. A perfect primer for what will follow next. Ben & Ben, which was one of crowd’s most awaited performers of the night, commanded the stage with their hit song “Kathang Isip”. During my quick interview with Ben & Ben, they were animatedly excited to announce that they will be doing new projects and collaborations soon, so stay tuned!

Sandwich capped off the night the only way they know how: with electrifying energy. Front man Raymund Marasigan climbed onto one of the railings from the ceiling at one point, which in turn thrilled the crowd even more. Pinoy Rock anthem “Sugod” was performed, and it’s safe to say that every one in the venue sang along.

To sum it all up, Vinyl Day 2018 indeed is one of those yearly events that you shouldn’t miss. It is an encapsulation of what music is, was, and will be. Especially now that vinyl records are coming back to the music scene, getting bigger and better, reaching a quite younger audience as well. As BP Valenzuela said in my interview with her, “The people who come get younger and younger and younger actually, so it’s nice cos it’s celebrating vinyl, right. And vinyl is an old form of music, and it’s so nice that kids are coming out to listen to the bands they like, to buy the records.”

It’s one of these yearly events where people from all slices of life come together for a piece of the local scene. The band Ben & Ben, said that it was “such a meaningful experience” for them to be a part of another Satchmi Vinyl Day.

This event lives up to its purpose of bringing people together. It inspires, it creates a community of passionate, dynamic young individuals. As Satchmi always says, “The Future is Vinyl”.

Photos by Andrea Manuel


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