Wholesome Food for the Greater Good

EXPLORE PHILIPPINES, in its goal to expand their community, has invited travel and lifestyle enthusiasts for an afternoon of travel talks over hearty, good food served by their event partner, The Wholesome Table.

Much like EXPLORE’s “inspire and be inspired to create a positive impact” frame of mind, Bianca Elizalde, founder of The Wholesome Table, describes its concept as an extension of their family’s way of life. The Wholesome Table—true to its name—follows a standard in all of their wholesome dishes: “Nothing from a can, nothing processed, and everything made from scratch.” Elizalde and her core creative team of chefs go the extra mile of cross-checking farms themselves if they adhere to organic growing and raising practices, with produce and livestock completely traceable down to the farmer, to make sure their ingredients are as organic as they can get.

The Chakra Salad from The Wholesome Breakfast menu launched last January; Salmon Kilawin; Vietnamese Spring Rolls


“A lot of our dishes here are super flexible, depending on what you want to eat or how you’re going to enjoy it,” explains Elizalde. The Wholesome Table does not conform to any one specific diet, for the simple reason that they don’t believe there is only one diet for everyone. Their Yogi Bowl, for example, launched just last January for their Wholesome Breakfast menu, is a beautiful and colorful display of fresh and nourishing ingredients served with different carb options to your liking; available in rice, quinoa, and cauli-rice. The Wholesome Table’s staff would be more than happy to help you find the most fitting meal for you!

The Wholesome Sangria–after months of research and tests–is made from scratch with Hibiscus Kombucha; Yogi Bowl which you can customize the carbs to your liking


The Wholesome Table offers all sorts of comfort food and everything we’re familiar with eating, but with a healthier and cleaner spin to them. Their creative process involves a lot of fieldwork, research, and trial and error. On top of that, the menu constantly changes depending on seasonal ingredients and are in-theme with food and health trends, keeping their chefs on their toes as they creatively work on and figure out how to turn some of the most mainstream food to its tastiest, most cleanest and healthiest form, all from scratch. This is a testament to just how much detail and effort they put into their dishes.

“Back in the day, food was not bought in the shelves of supermarkets. Food came from the earth, straight to your plate—that’s what healthy food is.” The Wholesome Table has always been clear with their battle cry of eating organic; it’s always been about going back to the basics, the process of it all, and knowing what you’re putting into your body. “If it’s been sitting on the shelf for six months, what is in that? You’re not supposed to be consuming that. That’s not allowed in here,” Elizalde adds.

EXPLORE PHILIPPINES’ “Bloggers’ Event” guests enjoy the wholesome feast as they discuss about EXPLORE’s latest feature


“Where should we eat?”

“I don’t know. Where do YOU want to eat?”

Your mind suddenly goes blank, you don’t even know what you want and you’re given the additional task to think what your companion wants too. So instead, you return the question and now you’re both stuck in a loop. The Wholesome Table is the answer to everyone’s frustrating question!

“What’s great about the concept is it’s perfect for everyone. You can be vegan and bring your father who loves meat or your boyfriend who likes a burger. You can bring children here because there are pizzas, pastas, and kids’ meals—they’re very kid-friendly. You can even bring your dog—yeah, we’re pet-friendly! It’s like a family affair—I want everyone to sit at the table and eat what they want to eat and nobody’s going to judge you for being the only one eating a bowl of salad.”

Find (naturally) sweet offerings at Wholesome Bakery bar at all of their branches

Elizalde believes that everybody is so unique in not just what our taste buds are craving for, but also for what nourishment our body needs. Eating organic, however, is universally good for anyone, and it’s exactly the reason they put up the restaurant. The Wholesome Table proves to redefine the farm-to-table movement, with their promise to create a safe place for anyone and everyone who wishes to indulge in unintimidating wholesome food, all for the greater good.

The Wholesome Table is open daily with branches at BGC, Salcedo, Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt, and Rockwell. Follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page @thewholesometable.

Photography by Jisa Atrero


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