Uniqlo 2018 Spring/Summer Collection Travel Must-haves

When packing clothes for our trips, we tend to find ourselves in a battle between two things: comfort and style – it’s either we look good in discomfort or we feel good while looking “meh” – most of the time, the latter wins.

Fortunately, some clothing brands decided to produce and innovate clothing materials for the benefit of both the comfort and style that every traveler wants to achieve – Uniqlo, by far is one of them.

Just recently, Uniqlo unveiled its 2018 Spring/Summer Collection with over 100 pieces from different collection and collaborations. Here, we introduce some of the most travel-friendly pieces that would definitely fit your style, luggage, and your budget, too!


Comfort Conditioning Technology
We all know that every wardrobe should have the perfect, comfy innerwears, especially ladies’. Uniqlo’s AIRism is innerwear that is silky smooth on the skin. It wicks away sweat for a fresh and comfortable feeling all day long. This season’s AIRism lineup features numerous varieties of items to accommodate lifestyles including three (3) main types of AIRism: Mesh, Jersey, and Seamless, which can be worn for various occasions.


Featuring the latest Designs in fabulous seasonal hues
Designed from UNIQLO’s Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles, California, UNIQLO Jeans combine the best and most comfortable denim of one of the world’s leading fabric manufacturers, Kaihara, with advanced designs and silhouettes from state-of-the-art processing technology.


It’s probably one of the wisest moves for packing clothes – choose pieces that are not easily crumpled, but it’s not just always possible. The UNIQLO Men’s Super Non-Iron Shirt is made with special stitching and processing to stay almost completely wrinkle-free, even after washing. Its classic design also makes it a suitable option for business to formal events.


Smart Ankle Pants for women combine an elegant look with a relaxed, comfortable feel. These versatile pants provide many styling options for dressy or casual occasions.

See Uniqlo’s 2018 S/S collection here: http://bit.ly/2oQluli


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