Tree Planting With Haribon

If one can say that any appreciation for good poetry is something that comes natural to the ears, could it also be said that one’s appreciation of nature’s inherent beauty is no less than an artistic masterpiece? It’s no secret that people are drawn towards majestic sceneries of nature. Climbing mountains, diving along coral reefs or even simply relaxing in the public parks are now very popular past times. In turn, ecotourism and care for natural resources have been given a spotlight by the current generation.


I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree (Kilmer, 1913).  

The DENR (2003) identifies that only less than 18% of the Philippines is left as natural forests. This is alarming because the Philippines in the 1900’s was identified to be 70% forest cover (DENR, 2003). In light of this, several government and non-government efforts have been directed toward tree-planting activities. These activities serve as “greening” projects to aid the returning of Philippine lands to its former lush state of greenery.


Cue music for the entrance of Haribon Foundation’s ROAD to 2020 Movement:

An environmental conservation movement to restore 1 million hectares of our rainforests using native tree species by year 2020. ROAD stands for Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates. It aims to plant native tree species in order to recover and conserve biodiversity, optimize our supply of forest benefits and ecosystem services, reduce the risk of natural hazards, and enhance options for sustainable livelihood.


Haribon emphasizes on native trees and their role in restoring the country’s green resources. It is through Buhay Punlaan Seedling Nursery that this NGO aims to create a venue for people to gather and learn about how to aid and conserve local forestry. Located in lake-bordered Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna, Buhay Punlaan takes visitors down to a humble forest rehabilitation area along the scenic lake. Then they are guided through the processes of seedling preparation to tree planting to nurturing of adopted forests. Various activities and displays are available to teach visitors and volunteers everything anyone should know about Philippine forestry; from which are native species to the process of sifting soil and transplanting wildlings. Buhay Punlaan presents how tree planting should be done and the potential effects that it can bear on our environment.




While tree planting is an amiable activity, careful planning has to be included. If looking for a nice day trip or a socially responsible tree planning activity for a group, consider visiting Buhay Punlaan. Learn about the entire life process of trees and the importance of native species to the Philippine ecosystem and truly contribute to the reforesting of a green nation. Looking for that unique experience? Contact Haribon Foundation directly and see which of their latest activities they have in store.



Contact Haribon Foundation at Telephone number +63 2 421-1209; Fax number +63 2 434-4696; or email Visit for more information. 


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