Travel Made Easy with the Tripkada App

FlipTrip took over Boteco, Poblacion’s Brazilian-themed bar and restaurant for another epic travel meet up. With a growing community of travelers and aspiring ones, FlipTrip has made it travelling more convenient and affordable with the launch of the Tripkada app.


Here are a few reasons why getting the Tripkada app should be your next travel investment:
1. Carpooling for Travelers
Although travelling alone can be a gratifying experience, travelling as a larger group is predominantly more affordable and can garner group discounts. This works for first-timers as well who are not too keen on going alone or lack the resources to do so.


2. Certified Organizers
While our social media feed floods us with announcements and promotions for group travels, it can be daunting to choose from a credited organizer. Tripkada only features organizers that go through a rigid certification program that includes First Aid and Red Cross training, and even a local immersion program.


3. Cut Transportation and Accommodation Costs
While travelling as a barkada of five is definitely an economical option, travelling with ten or more keeps expenses to a bare minimum. FlipTrip’s prices vary from Php 750 for day trips to Php 2,500-3,500 for weekend getaways , and are inclusive of everything (read: food and giveaways).


4. Get to Know Like-Minded People
Connect with folk who have the same passion for discovery and explore your very nation’s backyard. You’ll be surprised on how much more the Philippines, even just Luzon, has to offer to satiate your wanderlust.

5. No Flakers
The biggest heartbreak of organizers are people who cop out on the last minute. Tripkada requires first a down payment per trip to secure the finality of the trip. Fear not when the weather is uncooperative, since the makers behind FlipTrip easily refund for unavoidable cancellations.


6. Preserve Local Culture and Heritage
Working hand in hand with the local community, mother company, FlipTrip is genuine with their advocacy for environmental conservation and cultural preservation. They do so by ensuring travelers on any of the Tripkada tours are fully immersed and leave with a deep understanding of the locale.

Download the Tripkada app via Google Play or the Apple Store. 


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