These 6 Regional Cultures Show You How to be Happy, the Pinoy Way

11. Smile

Take a cue from the Bacolodnons, who are known for being warm and friendly. This zest for joy reaches its pinnacle during the Masskara Festival, when the streets are literally flooded with masks painted with smiles, proudly on parade for the world to see. Bacolod isn’t called the City of Smiles for nothing.


2. Breathe

The Sama-Bajau of the Sulu Archipelago are known for their free-diving abilities, with some able to stay underwater for up to 5 hours, earning them the name Sea Gypsies. These nomadic seafarers are also known to be some of the most peace-loving people in the country. We don’t recommend you hold your breath for too long, but research has shown that being able to control our breathing better helps us improve our physical, mental, and psychological well-being.


3. Spice it up

Adding some excitement into your life doesn’t have to only be about grand gestures and great adventures. The everyday things in life can be made thrilling, too. The Bicolanos, for one, are known to be friendly and adventurous, owing in part to the beautiful terrain of mountains and beaches surrounding their province, and in part to their fiery cuisine. Bicolano cuisine is noted for the prominent use of chili peppers and gata, giving birth to mouthwatering dishes such as Bicol Express, la-ing, and kinunot. What other things in your life can you add a little zing to?


4. Get creative

Perhaps overshadowed by its reputation as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is also a second home for many Filipino artists, such as National Artist Ben Cabrera and filmmaker Butch Perez, who were drawn by its cool climate, low cost of living, and beautiful scenery. Artists from all over the country flock to the Baguio Arts Festival annually. Practicing creativity in our daily lives can make experiences more vibrant. You don’t have to be a Picasso to show off your creativity. Allotting 10 minutes for a quick sketch in your notebook or capturing beautiful moments with your phone’s camera can be enough to inspire you daily.


5. Celebrate

Our local version of Thanksgiving, the Pagdiwata Festival of the Tagbanwa people in Palawan celebrates the bounty of harvest with offerings of wine, food, carvings, and wax. Other activities include planting, hunting dances, harvesting, singing and dancing with traditional music, and rituals involving the drinking of rice wine from Chinese stoneware jars through bamboo straws. Gather a group of friends and celebrate the things you are thankful for today.


6. Adapt

Because of frequent typhoons and drought that hit the northernmost parts of the Philippines, Ivatans have learned to plant root crops that can survive the climate conditions. They have also adapted by studying the behavior of animals, the sky’s colors, wind, and cloud movements to predict the weather. They start gathering their animals and take shelter, for example, when they see birds taking refuge in houses or on the ground. The beautiful way the Ivatans choose to preserve and adapt to nature instead of damaging it for their own ease is inspiring and something we can all try to emulate.

Which of the above can you start doing today? Share this if, like us, you’re proud of our Pinoy traditions, and are ready to be HAPPY!



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