The 6-piece indie folk band, The Ransom Collective was evidently at a loss for words on the success of their debut album launch last Saturday (May 20) as fans, friends, and families flocked to the Palace Pool Club in support of their latest accomplishment as a band. Kian Ransom on vocals and guitar, Muriel Gonzales on violin and vocals, Jermaine Choa Peck on percussion and vocals, Leah Halili on bass and vocals, Lily Gonzales on keyboard and vocals, and Redd Claudio on drums were all smiles and had twinkles in their eyes as they performed their first song for the night. The band mentioned how grateful they are to be able to continue what they do with the love and support they have received for over four years.

The first full-length album “Traces” features 11 original tracks including re-recorded songs from the EP that captures the vulnerable youth and the inevitable transition to adulthood for all of us. With the pain and pleasures of growing up comes a deeper sense of self-realization. We’re to expect themes of exploration, youth, compromise, and doubt. Discover an album deeper and slightly darker than the EP.

Jermaine Choa Peck enthusiastically shows her gratitude to the fans of The Ransom Collective,

Lily Gonzales
Left to right: Leah Halili, Muriel Gonzales, and Kian Ransom
Leah Halili

The Ransom Collective merchandise: Traces album for PHP 500.00 and The Ransom Collective shirt for PHP 450.00
Before the show, the band happily signed albums and posed for the cameras during their meet & greet.


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