The Highlights of This Year’s Don Papa Art Competition

Returning to the Art Fair 2020 for its annual art competition, Don Papa Rum rallied local artists and their impressive line-up of artworks with a culmination event at The Link Ayala Car Park in Makati City.

Now running for the fifth year with its theme “Flora and Fauna of Sugarlandia”, the competition continues to tap into the creative genius of the local art scene as they showcase their interpretation of Don Papa Rum’s brand story.

Cannister mock-ups of the top 10 artworks

The island of Negros, colloquially known as Sugarlandia, finds richness not just in its sprawling sugarcane fields, but also in the diversity of its foliage and wildlife—the perfect formula for inspired works of art.

Four designs have been featured in limited edition Don Papa Rum canisters since the competition’s launch in 2016. Last year’s winner, Samuel Penaso, captured the eyes and hearts of the judges and art enthusiasts with his creation called “Botany”—an intricate visual representation of how man connects with the nature surrounding him. Penaso also received a four-week all-expense paid “Artistic Sojourn Residence” in London, providing exposure to classical and contemporary art museums, access to relevant art events and gatherings, and a vast network of creative minds, among others. 

Here’s a glimpse of the highlights for this year’s Don Papa Art Competition:

Represented by Talimbaw Art Gallery, Geovanni Abing bagged the grand prize for this year’s competition with his theme “Timeless Landscape”, a stunning 3×5 collage and acrylic on canvas with an archival coating that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Sugarlandia.

Geovanni Abing wins the 2020 Don Papa Art Competition with this “Timeless Landscape”

“My artwork portrays Sugarlandia as a magical place pulsating with life and floating over a sea of clouds. A place that governs mankind,” Abing answered when asked about the inspiration behind his work of art. 

Winning this year’s art competition means that Geovanni Abing will enjoy a month-long artistic sojourn in Barcelona—a city dotted with creative and cultural expressions at every turn. Airfare, accommodations, and allowance will all be provided by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company for a truly remarkable experience. His winning design will also be brought to life through special edition canisters which will be sold in limited quantities worldwide.

With so many creative talents who showed their support for this year’s art competition, Don Papa has also recognized two distinct artists: Joseph Ingking who won both People’s Choice and Artistic Merit Awards with his “Flora Fauna de Sugarlandia” theme, receiving PHP 10,000 and PHP 50,000 respectively for each category. Also recognized for his work “Eden” is Daryl Feryl, who bagged the first-ever Masskara Award with a take-home prize of PHP 25,000, for truly capturing the essence of Don Papa Masskara.

Joseph Ingking wins the Artistic Merit Award and People’s Choice Award
Daryl Feril wins the Masskara Award for successfully capturing the creative vision of Don Papa Masskara

This year’s Art Competition was made possible by Don Papa’s partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, pulling in some of the most respected personalities in the art industry such as Tina Colayco, Maja Co, Lisa Periquet, and Architect Manny Miñana.

Erica Larkins with Geovanni Abing during the awarding ceremony

The smashing success of Don Papa Rum’s Art Competition will continue to trailblaze other opportunities and partnerships beyond the art community as the brand is committed to providing platforms that will inspire homegrown talents to fulfill their potential.

“We’re very pleased with this year’s outcome and the number of talented individuals who participated has been overwhelming. This year’s grand winning piece serves as a testament that we have an abundance of untapped artistic talents that we can be proud of. The Bleeding Heart Rum Company is thrilled to be at the center of the emerging local art scene in the Philippines” says Erica Larkins, Don Papa Rum’s brand manager for the Asia Pacific.

To know more about Don Papa Rum and the Bleeding Heart Rum Company, read up on more details from their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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