The Anatomy of a Weather Warrior

Since it’s that time of the year when dark clouds and heavy rains are in our skies, we decided to collect the must-have gear any weather warrior would love to have—from jackets to waterproof bags, we’ve got you covered. Let us introduce you to three of the most-wanted brands who provide us with weather-ready gear for our rainy-day adventures.

First up is Towelite, a brand dedicated to providing their customers with compact, lightweight, and durable items that will satisfy all of their traveling needs. They are passionate about sports, travel, and outdoor activities, and their products are all about their experiences in what they think someone would need while traveling.

Towelite is famous for their microfiber towels, which are quick-dry and compact. It is very easy to bring with you on any trip since it is lightweight and takes up very little space in any travel bag, plus customers won’t have to worry about the smell a regular towel has when packed wet. These towels are also good for everyday use, especially during the rainy days—because of its quick-dry feature, people don’t have to worry about the foul smell of towels dried indoors. Wouldn’t you want that convenience of not worrying about your towels smelling bad if they weren’t properly dried indoors?

Aside from their towels, Towelite also has an assortment of dry bags and waterproof cellphone pouches available in their stores—the perfect trio for any rainy-day adventurer out there!

Another brand we’re looking into is Lagalag, a sports and recreational store for everything you need for exploring the wilderness. From basic cycling gear to mountain climbing gear, they’ve got you covered. Lagalag is a Filipino word that literally translates to “nomad,” someone who always wanders about and has a thirst to explore somewhere new. They wanted to produce locally-made products that are very affordable and functional for people like them who love these kinds of adventure, but with a limited budget. What sets them apart is they actually make what they think they need for various activities, so you can be sure that Lagalag products have been tried, tested, and proven that they’re needed for each adventure you seek.

They produce bags, shirts, jackets, and pants that are water-repellent, which are somehow weather-ready for those days when it’s lightly drizzling on your trips. As of the moment, because of the lack of technology we have in our country to produce waterproof materials, Lagalag offers apparel that is water-repellent and quick-drying. Their waterproof items are still in the works, one being a waterproof jacket that they will release soon.

Lagalag offers a wide variety of traveling gear that can also be used every day, like their water-repellent jackets and their quick-dry pants, which any weather warrior would gladly want, ’cause who wants soggy, heavy pants when they’re on an adventure, right?

Last on the list is Pacsafe, the world’s leading innovator in anti-theft travel gear. “Pacsafe was founded out of a passion for adventure and exploration, and with that comes a deep love of our planet and preserving its natural beauty,” says Magnus McGlashan, co-founder and managing director of Pacsafe. They are dedicated to protecting what is valuable—our belongings, our experiences, and our planet.

Pacsafe is known for their anti-theft bags that come in all shapes and sizes for all the travel needs of their customers. Some of the rainy-day gear they have are their dry bags, which are water-repellent and ready for any outdoor activity, may it be for water adventures or rainy-day travels. They just released their newest Pacsafe Econyl collection, an innovation-focused collection that uses regenerated fabric made from fishing nets and other discarded nylon. This collection is the first of many steps the company is taking to demonstrate its commitment to removing virgin plastic from all new products by 2025.

The new collection highlights the best-selling Pacsafe styles and recreates them utilizing recycled waste. The unique Econyl regeneration process creates durable, long-lasting yarn that performs to the same standard as brand-new nylon. Unlike other recycled materials, the nylon can be rewoven without losing its high-performance qualities, creating an infinite loop of reuse. You can have both a weather-ready travel bag and save the planet at the same time!

There you have it! Don’t let the rainy days get you down and drenched. Enjoy the many rainy-day travels you’ll have with this rainy-day gear. Gear up, weather warriors!


Nicole Galleon

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