Tagaytay’s Health Haven Marks 18 Years of Filipino Wellness and Sustainable Tourism Excellence

Nurture Wellness Village Celebrates 18 Years of Healthier, Happier, and Better Living

The city of Tagaytay, with its year-round cold weather and lush greenspaces, is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations in the south. While many new points of interest continue to populate the region over the years, there are those whose names are etched in the city’s identity – and one of them is Nurture Wellness Village. 

Nurture’s lobby adorned and furnished with local Filipino home accents and elements

We’re pretty sure you’ve read the name once or twice somewhere on the internet,  for 18 years, Nurture Wellness Village has become a favorite destination in Tagaytay for those who are looking for a complete relaxation and healthful respite. The place is a holistic emporium for all things nature, health, and Filipino.

Nothing as refreshing as a sunlit area enclosed in a complete ecosystem of trees and plants

Partnership and Prosperity

On its 18th year anniversary, Nurture offers Wellness Coalition packages which bring together the medical and wellness industries in providing a wide range of services to help people live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. 

On October 25, 2019, Nurture’s president Cathy Turvill together with her husband and co-owner Mike Turvill sealed a few significant deals in the presence of their clients, industry partners, friends from the media, and officials from the local government unit of Tagaytay.

From left to right: Nurture’s Chairman of the Board Michael Turvill, Nurture’s President Catherine Turvill, President and Chief Executive Officer Asian Hospital and Medical Center Andres Licaros Jr., Chief Strategy Officer Asian Hospital and Medical Center Sharon Hernandez

Nurture proudly announced its partnership with the International Health Services Department of Asian Hospital and Medical Center to offer executive checkup packages to their local and international patients. Advanced aesthetic treatments using the latest non-invasive technology are also now being offered in Nurture by San Sage Advanced Aesthetic Clinic headed by Dr. Michelle Rivera. Additional diagnostic services are also now available in Nurture through its partnership with Health Peak clinic led by Dr. Andrew Camara. 

San Sage Advanced Aesthetic Clinic

These services provide wellness travelers with a transformative Filipino medical and wellness experience amidst the serenity of a lush eco-tourism resort. By these partnerships, the Philippines can now proudly promote world class medical and wellness tourism throughout the globe.

Southern Intervention

In their 18 years of operation as a pioneer in the Philippine spa and wellness industry, Nurture have grown from a small enterprise with humble numbers of 1,800 square meters for a property and a total of four people behind the team to a consistent award-winning and acclaimed hotel and wellness institution in the country. Despite the many radical and minimal changes, one thing remains the same for Nurture: it is still the place that one would rather be in if in need of some holistic recovery and wellness intervention.

Nurture’s vast tropical garden areas are perfect for weddings, romantic dates, or even corporate events

Nurture’s signature holistic services are overseen by a team of medical professionals led by Dr. Sam Dizon MD, a licensed nurse, nutritionist, and dietician. Nurture’s wellness team creates a customized lifestyle medicine package including diagnostic tests, computerized health scan, nutritional assessment and counseling, healthy juice preparation, cooking class, fitness and exercise, detoxification, meditation through yoga and tai qi gong, and immune boosting therapies. Nurture’s Work Well project teaches corporate groups how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and increase productivity through fun-filled educational wellness team building activities.

SPA ROOMS. Nurture Wellness Village combine the restorative and healing powers of a delightful selection of local and foreign massage therapies – provided by professionally trained therapists

It’s More Fun in Philippine Farms 

According to the Global Wellness Institute’s Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, “Governments are looking to wellness tourism to diversify their tourist sector, carve out a unique niche, and bring more benefits to local communities. Worldwide, the number of  countries that actively market some form of wellness tourism at the national level has grown from 65 in 2013 to more than 100 today. Aside is the number one growth sector in both wellness tourism trips and revenues in the past five years.”

The Philippine Department of Tourism under the leadership of Sec. Berna Romulo-Puyat, has taken the lead in promoting sustainable tourism, one of the core principles of Wellness Tourism. Assistant secretary Robby Alabado has formed the Philippine Wellness Coalition.

With the goal of encouraging people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Nurture also launched its Nurture Farmacy retail range of  delicious healthy salads, dressings, jams, dips, chips and plant-based products from superfoods developed by Nurture’s nutritionists. Nurture Farmacy Salad Solutions are bottled salads and dressings consisting of ingredients painstakingly chosen to address specific conditions: Glow for Anti-ageing, Protect for Immune-Boosting, Purify for Detoxification. Its plant-based range offers a delicious and protein-rich alternative to meat.

SALAD SOLUTIONS: Guests were lucky to try Nurture’s newest salad offerings

Instead of salty and calorie laden snacks, Nurture Farmacy offers SuperChips: delicious carrot, turmeric, tahong (mussel), malunggay, ampalaya chips, and more. Its O’Kale range is a powerful superfood kale drink partnered with superfoods calamansi and dark chocolate to make healthy and delicious hot and cold drinks.

THE GOOD CHIPS. Nurture’s selection of healthy alternatives to your usual bag of chips loaded with sodium and unhealthy ingredients

Part of the proceeds of Nurture Farmacy products will be donated to Young Focus, a nonprofit organization which provides a comprehensive program of education, nutrition, and values formation to the children of Tondo, an impoverished area in Manila.

Nurture proudly supports Philippines Tourism through its wellness coalition tourism initiatives and reaches out to the greater public to promote a healthy lifestyle through its deliciously healthy retail range.

Nurture Farmacy’s new line of plant-based products

The celebration of Nurture’s 18th year anniversary ended with a farm tour and a free massage service for all the attendees from Nurture’s esteemed therapists.

A relaxing way to end the day


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