Sustainability Through Jewelry: Tali Ti Amianan’s Brilliant Cause

It started with Miku Ebueza’s boredom after moving to La Union that got her thinking on how to help the surf community while there. “Do you know how to braid?” She asked her husband, Mandy, that very night. Fortunately, he did – out of cut-up old shirts.


A post of the first two prototypes on Facebook by Miku with the proud intention of telling the world about her husband’s recent accomplishment resulted in their first order.
Literally translating to “Rope of the North”, Tali Ti Amianan treaded social media where it quickly took off. Physically, their first venue had been the Moonleaf branch where 30 pieces were sold out in a matter of 30 minutes.



The business easily grew from a family-run production to a sustainable livelihood program that employs 15 jewelers from the poorest barangays of San Juan. With the help of the LGU, the start-up was able to conduct various barangay visits for training where they were able to choose helping hands in their growing company.


In a span of three years, Tali Ti Amianan has become one of La Union’s most coveted brands with a passion for uplifting community members in the process. The results of the brand’s cause? Employees who are more responsible after seeing the value of money. Miku shares inspiring success stories of the people Tali Ti Amianan has helped through job opportunities including workers sending their children to school, purchasing a new trike, and even having Noche Buena in their home for the first time.


In the future, Miku hopes Tali Ti Amianan will be able to train and sustain their workers. Now, with a new building in the works, they finally have a permanent home to showcase their repertoire of locally made goods which now range from wrist watches to metal jewelry, all sourced directly from La Union. Watch out for their new shop coming soon in the surf town of San Juan.

Check them out at their social media accounts!

Tali Ti Amianan’s Facebook page

IG: @tali_ti_amianan



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