Surpass the Toughest Challenges With the Right Gear and Positive Mindset

The spartan race has made its way into the heart of athletes and sports enthusiasts who love fun challenges. More than just an exercise, it will test your physical and mental ability through vigorous obstacles. It can develop versatility and agility that will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, strengthen your skills, and build a connection to your surroundings. Intense outdoor activities such as spartan obstacles or trail running offer a new set of challenges on a mile-by-mile basis. It may be an extremely tiring kind of sport, but it might be your stepping stone towards consistent training and workout. 

All set to conquer the roughest patches

People are starting to get more conscious of their health, but it is also important to become conscious of suitable gear that will help you achieve your goals when seeking adventures. Merrell managed to provide both—the best performance gear and invigorating experience. 

Some of the participants are having a quick break

Professional athletes, first-time participants, and some well-known public figures have gathered at Alviera in Porac, Pampanga to join this year’s Spartan Trail. Hundreds were warming up at 7 in the morning, preparing themselves for a series of obstacles of varying distance and difficulty. They faced the hills, mountains, tall grasses, river, and tunnel under the scorching weather to triumph a 10-kilometer spartan race and trail run. Barbed wires and mud were also encountered by the spartans along the way. Everyone made it to the finish line and the winners were awarded after the trail. That was an achievement for the spartans who endured all the struggles. 

The unstoppable and dynamic spartans in action
One of the common obstacles

Rough up your outdoor activities and adventures with the latest trail running performance footwears from Merrell; MTL Long Sky and MTL Skyfire.

The MTL Skyfire is perfect for running easier trails with moderate to medium levels of difficulty. It features protective shock-absorbing cushioning and trail protection rock plates for comfort on longer runs over debris and obstacles that will give you the right kind of functionality to run safer and faster.

MTL Skyfire for women
MTL Skyfire for men

For more intense outdoor workouts, the lightweight MTL Long Sky is a good choice for long runs on rugged dirt trails. It features tear-resistant fabric, medial post, and aggressive Vibram Megagrip rubber shoes that can carry you high up the mountains.

MTL Long Sky for women
MTL Long Sky for men
Don’t forget to check out the Merrell booth for surprises
Try and try until you win exciting prizes

It will now be more uncomplicated for anyone to establish an easy cardiovascular baseline and enjoy diverse landscapes when wearing great shoes for the long run. Visit Merrell’s official website and Facebook page for more updates. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter

Photos by: Rob Roy Agpay


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