Stitches of Love

Ecologically friendly, ethically sound and proudly Pinoy label Rags2Riches has finally released its Fall/Holiday collection for this year and is taking a unique turn from its past compositions. It features for the first time in its history of its designs, cross-stitch patterns on its woven panels that veer away from its exotic styles. Having used indigenous textiles in the past, the latest collection uses sources half of its leather from a local tannery, still abiding by their local-based ethos.

One of the most talented bag designers in the country at the moment and R2R’s in-house designer, Chris Cera, experimented with cross-stitch arrangements to discover first, Moroccan patterns out of his freehand sewing, then to realize the patterns took the silhouettes of temples and steeples. As he stitched along, Chris found that the panels resembled maps of communities – something that went hand in hand with Rags2Riches’ philosophy.

And like its past collections, only a limited quality had been produced, with many designs already selling out. The R2R Medina is already on a made to order basis. Expect the next collections to expand the range of their creativity in design making use of various cross-stitch patterns on woven panels, and a diverse selection of textiles from leather to indigenous fabrics.


All photos provided by: Rags2Riches


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