Soaring The Skies With Mindanao Saga Flying Club

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Ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane? No you won’t, because you’d have to do this and you’d have to do that: I have to process the thingamajig, I have to spend big bucks fo shizzlesthere’s just so many things stopping you from getting what you want. But with the Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC), you’re about to make sky definitely the limit as they might just top your wanderlust bucket list. Taking you up to the clouds with their ultralight planes, prepare as the fresh, cold breeze caresses the entirety of you while you look at the exhilarating sights and enjoy the fact that you’re 500 feet high off the ground.

Situated in Davao Oriental, the club was first established in 2012 and is currently housed in the Mati airport (which was built during the Marcos era; it formerly holds her name). By 2013, the club had been opened for membership and now currently has 13 ultralight planes: six open-type designs that can let the pilot see a perfect view of the whole area and seven-close type designs called Lightsports.

MSFC offers 15-minute introductory flights worth P1,600 for the ultralight and P1,800 for the lightsports, which will both take you to the best spots to view these Mindanaoan treasures: bask in the true blue waters of Pujada Bay and the powdery white sands of Dahican Beach, down to the lush coconut plains around Mati until you reach the ever-famous Sleeping Dinosaur— a panoramic beauty of a landform that both locals and visitors have coined a name for it.

And if we’re all about safety, fret not because they’ve got well-trained pilots and a Ballistic Recovery System (BRS), a parachute that deploys upon emergency on each plane to make sure that your soul won’t reach the heavens while you’re up so high. Also, the club provides pre-flight instructions and requires wearing the full helmet and strapping on the seat belt. Unsecured belongings such as unstrapped phones are not allowed and only DSLRs with straps are permitted while flying.

But just like your dreams, MSFC doesn’t stop there: club president and general manager Iñaki Sievert said in an interview that they “want to share the thrill and joy of flying to everyone”, which is why they’re also letting all your aviation frustrations have a shot at the top as they also conduct solo flights worth only P5,000 per hour for aspiring pilots who’s ready for more.

Those who have experienced the ride have all said the same thing: it was thrilling upon take-off and soothing above the ground, just like that feeling when you reach the highest peak of a mountain. A feeling that you’ve never been this intimate with Mother Nature before. So for all you adventure thrillseekers, have a go at Davao and see if plane-flying might just be the right sport for you.


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