SM Youth Ambassadors: On the Road


Tommy Esguerra

Tommy describes himself as a fun-loving guy who’s a little wild and crazy and loves going on spontaneous adventures. “I’ll do anything in the summer,” the 20-year-old model says. “If it involves being in the sun, being outside, meeting new people, I want to do it. Summer’s my favorite time of the year.” Tommy hopes to spend the next year traveling while continuing to model, something he already does as an ambassador for SM Youth. He hopes to go on the road, “maybe to New York, London–anywhere, really, as long as I can travel.”


Richard Hwan

Richard’s foray into show business started when he joined a local noontime show’s segment popular for making foreigners do “Pinoy” things. The Hong Kong native quickly amassed a following, and he’s been hosting, acting, and modeling ever since. He balances work, which includes being an SM Youth ambassador, with studies; the UP Broadcast Communication senior is set to graduate with honors this year. The 22-year-old can’t wait for summer. “It’s when I really get to spend time with friends, because that’s when we’re all free,” he says. He hopes to spend this summer on the road with his buddies. “Going to Tagaytay, Batangas, Zambales, or La Union. I really hope we can make that happen this summer.”


L.A. Aguinaldo

It’s only been a year since L.A. started modeling, and already, it seems that the 21-year-old is taking the world by storm. He’s won modeling competitions here and overseas and hopes to break into TV hosting as well. Like his fellow SM Youth ambassadors, L.A. hosts events, and travels all over the Philippines, especially during the summer. “I love the weather. I’m glad we have perfect weather,” he says. “I like road trips a lot. It’s an UBE—Ultimate Bonding Experience. You spend a lot of time on the road and you get to know each other. Especially if you’re new friends, you sometimes can’t help the awkward silences, but those awkward silences turn into comfortable silences, and it somehow makes you guys closer. At the same time, you get close through shared stories, the stopovers, the overnight stays, and the adventures you share. I live for that.”


Janna Tee

Modeling isn’t Janna’s only job—the 21-year-old also works in the sales division of her family’s fragrance business. Janna got into modeling in college, when she accompanied a friend to fashion week and ended up being discovered by an agent there. She loves that modeling gives her a chance to play different roles that she otherwise might not have the chance to do in a business environment. Being an SM Youth ambassador, she says, gives her the opportunity to meet different people, especially when the brand sends them out to different events this summer. “When you say ‘summer,’ you get that chill vibe. You relax, have fun, make time to see friends and get away from your schedule.”

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