Simple Moments That Are Worth Remembering

Robinsons Mall continues to spread love for the holidays by bringing together everything we love this season! Part of the celebration is to spend the special moments with our loved ones. There is so much to appreciate about the holidays and this might differ to every Filipino. Some may love the usual Filipino food on their table during Noche Buena and unwrapping gifts at midnight, others may love the music that permeates the season, or the parties and reunions that happen yearly. No matter what you love about the holidays, it’s sure to be framed in special moments that we love to reminisce, long after the season is over.

With the ongoing festivities of RLove, Robinsons Mall released holiday videos entitled “Serendipity” and “Legacy” to disseminate the touching message of RLove that will make everyone feel valued on Christmas despite the differences and status in life. 

Filipinos usually celebrate Christmas as a complete family. But, for some, a loved one is deeply missed. “Legacy” explores the closeness between a grandmother and her grandson, and the way he brings back the memory of his lolo that gave a little holiday cheer to his lola. Most of us are unaware that some moments happen as the beginning of something special. Robinsons Mall highlights in this video the most memorable moments such as enduring family traditions and the possibility of finding hope in unexpected ways. 

Would you rather look for love or let love find you? Whichever you choose, it’s certain that when we open ourselves to giving and receiving love, magical things can happen with help from the spirit of RLove. 

Another holiday video called “Serendipity” reminds everyone that the love we’ve been searching so hard for a long time may have been just around the corner all along. Starring Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino, this video is a timely reminder of how unexpected moments lead up to a great story in our lives. The video was shot at Galleria South, one of the newest and most pleasing Robinsons Malls in the Philippines. It is located at San Pedro, Laguna, the lifestyle hub for the south people.

You don’t have to be part of a movie-esque reality to experience this kind of happiness and contentment in your life. Whether it’s the love we feel from our family or friends, it is still unconditional. This is the essence of RLove and this is what Robinsons Mall strives to bring together for everyone who steps into their malls. 

Watch the video on their Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit the like and share button to keep the RLove in the air! 


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