Shoobie Sorbet Is the Answer to All Your Dessert Woes

Vegan? Check. Eco-conscious? Check. Delicious? Double check.

As many as fifty percent of Filipinos are lactose-intolerant, and we bet half of that number don’t even realize they have a sensitivity to milk products. Lactose intolerance comes in varying degrees—from mild symptoms like bloating to more severe ones like stomach pain. So imagine the disappointment when it comes to dessert. Cibbie Gonzales, owner of the popular salad chain Go! Salads, expressed this sentiment, being lactose-intolerant himself. “There wasn’t much dessert options when I was a kid. I’d end up with a Slurpee, and that wasn’t healthy at all.”

Lo and behold, Gonzales opened both a lactose-free ice cream joint and sorbet joint. “The idea was to create a dessert for the lactose-intolerant and seniors.” His grandfather, who was also lactose-intolerant, would become frustrated with desserts, so Gonzales thought up the idea of ice cream and sorbet that didn’t use dairy products. Shoobie Sorbet is his venture into vegan soft serve sorbet that only uses fruits (and minimal sugar as a sweetener), sans any additives or artificial powders and flavors.

Sorbet and sherbet may be homonyms and both make use of fruits, but the latter does utilize milk for creaminess. On the other hand, sorbet is completely dairy- and egg-free, ideal not just for the lactose-intolerant, but also for vegans. Shoobie Sorbet is also denouncing the misconception that vegan desserts are bland. “There are a lot of underserved clients in the market. We are adding options.” And without many sorbet options, especially the soft serve variant, it only made sense to open the first one in the country.

Shoobie Sorbet launched in January of this year in UP Town Center. Their stall, right beside Go! Salads, is reminiscent of an ice cream stall you’d find along the walkways of your dream beach. Clad in white and pastel details, it’s a manifestation of the cool you crave on a hot city day. The term “shoobie” is slang for a beach day-tripper, after all. The sorbet, on the other hand, is a naturally sweet and tart soft-serve sans the creaminess that dairy usually offers. Made with fresh berries, the product comes in a variety of berry flavors: blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, where two alternate on a daily basis. Shoobie also offers the product in a mixed swirl where you can try both flavors in one cup. They also offer a Shoobie Bowl with banana slices, chia pudding, and oat crumble. Customers also have the option of customizing their own sorbet with the toppings available.

For the quality customers are getting (health-wise and flavor-wise), the price point of Shoobie Sorbet seems fair. In fact, they come off as less expensive than the numerous froyo and ice cream franchises around the malls. Shoobie Sorbet is also conscious about its carbon footprint not just by cutting out animal products, but also by investing in biodegradable packaging and encouraging customers to bring their own containers. Fat-free, animal cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, healthy, and flavorful, Shoobie Sorbet is taking all the proper steps in becoming the proprietor of vegan soft serve sorbet in the Philippines.

Shoobie Sorbet is located at Phase 2, First Level, UP Town Center (near Go!Salads Kiosk).


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