Regional Finds at Manila FAME 2015

Manila FAME is a bi-annual design & lifestyle event that showcases Filipino design innovation and craftsmanship. It features well-made local furniture, fashion accessories, and decors from brands both popular and upcoming.

One of the highlights of the Manila FAME October 2015 edition is the Artisan Village. This special showcase “upholds the genius loci of each community, town, or city – the moving spirit behind the country’s skilled artisans and master craftsmen whose hands work with exceptional ease and expertise in weaving, wood carving, metal forging, marquetry, and in so many other forms of traditional crafts.”

The retail exhibit features arts and crafts from the following regions:

1. Cagayan Valley


The Cagayan Valley pavilion showcases the work of various weavers association groups from Isabela. Products such as rugs, bags, and other weaved textile products will be available for sale during the exhibit.

Weaved products for sale at the Cagayan Valley pavilion
Weaved bathroom rugs on sale for P350 each

2. Davao


Beddings and linen with beadwork on display at the Davao pavilion

3. Albay



Personalised rattan bags on display at the Albay pavilion

4. Laguna


Locally crafted leather goods from Laguna



Special Exhibit: Fibers of the Philippines


The Fibers of the Philippines pavilion features local materials such as  cotton, piña, and coir. Discover their sources and different uses, and feel the varying textures of each at the exhibit.

Raw cotton on display at the Fibers of the Philippines pavilion
Raw piña and coir on display at the Fibers of the Philippines pavilion

Manila FAME 2015 will run from October 15-18, 2015 at SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines. A P100.00 fee is required per person at registration. It is part of Design Week Philippines which runs from October 12-18, 2015. Visit for more details.



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