PSA: Here Are Some Safety Reminders For Our Fellow Travelers And Commuters

Abduction incidents and missing person reports around Metro Manila have gained widespread attention and is now a threat to our safety. The recent kidnapping incident in Makati caused so much fear in everyone after a netizen shared a video of a woman screaming while being dragged by two men into a small van. As it surfaced on the Internet, people are now more scared and paranoid, especially those who walk or travel alone at night. Nobody can tell what might happen around us and every place we visit might be risky as well. EXPLORE PH team is expressing their care and concern by reminding everyone to be safe and vigilant to avoid dangerous encounters when we travel. 

We’ve heard and read the usual travel tips such as being mindful of your belongings, organizing your travel plans, researching the itinerary before travel, staying safe in transportation, getting travel insurance, asking for advice from the locals, and keeping a copy of important documents. We are encouraging y’all to take time to read these few reminders.

The first and easiest thing you can do is to always make sure your family or friends know your whereabouts. Keep them updated! A single message won’t cost anything, right? There is also an app called Life360, available for both Android and iPhone, that lets you track your loved ones’ locations. Monitor your family or friends when you’re on a trip or when they are traveling. As long as possible, walk in groups or near a group of people when you’re in unfamiliar places. Avoid public places without street lights and make it a habit to wait for your rides inside your home or within a certain vicinity. It’s hard to trust anyone these days, but don’t hesitate to ask for help when in doubt, and offer help when you know something suspicious is going on. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t be too busy on your phone, and remove your earphones for a while. 

This may sound easier said than done, but try to run in the opposite direction if any suspicious vehicles pull up beside you. With the recent threat and panic caused by “puting van” and other kidnapping cases, reminders like these could be a big help! It doesn’t matter if this was orchestrated by the government or is just another way to distract us from the issues in the country. The main concern here is our safety. Remember when someone promised to the public that the streets would be safer even at night? Well, after all, we’ve only got each other’s back. Again, we are reminding everyone to be extra careful these days. Stay safe and take care of each other, guys!


Kayla Ramos

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