Pinoy Tek: Local Mobile Apps To Download

The world of mobile apps is exploding making apps for phones, tablets, and other mobile technology is a brisk and profitable business these days. As of last count, the total number of available apps by the end of 2014 on the Apple App Store was 1.21 million for iOS users, and 1.43 million on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Developers have been making a serious fortune in creating games and apps for mobile consumption, and Filipino developers, not to be outdone, have been getting in on the action ever since. Here are a few great Pinoy-made apps that you can try out:

Juan (Not) Tamad (Free, iOS)

This one has one of the most visually arresting graphics of the bunch. Made for kids, it presents old lazybones Juan Tamad with challenges and puzzles to solve that will teach children to develop visual logic and improve spatial skills, like building a bridge over a river to help Juan cross. Made by Teddy Catuira of Tooch Inc., it presents Juan Tamad with twelve engaging puzzles to solve, all with great, distinctive graphics and original music.

Patintero Playtime (Free, iOS and Android)

Created by a local group called Zeenoh LLC, you play the time-honored children’s classic yard game Patintero, aligning yourself with one of four teams: Team Pata, Team Sagabal, Team Doolittle, and Team Balete. You simply dodge and evade the opposing team in a grid laid out on the playing field… oh, you know how it’s played. You can purchase the full game to unlock more teams and get more coins to play, but the free version is still cool.

Streetfood Tycoon (Free, iOS and Android)

This one’s extremely addictive. Made by a group called Kuyi Mobile, Streetfood Tycoon makes you the owner of your own food cart business and lets you sell food in seven different locations. You earn cash and upgrade your food cart, and you can even unlock “celebrity” customers as you play. While it’s Free-To-Play, you can purchase more game items using real money. The game has become so successful it has spawned a sequel—Streetfood Tycoon World Tour, which has more of  the same crazy fun.

Grillin Pablo (Free for iPhone and $0.99 for iPad , iOS)

How can you not love a game that yells at the beginning of each level, “Hoy, magluto ka na!”? With an animation style reminiscent of South Park, Grillin Pablo is basically a time-management game that makes you a cook at a street kiosk where you prepare standard Pinoy street food like isaw and betamax, as you try to oust your competitor Pablo from the top spot of the Sunnyvale food kiosk market. It’s made by icannhass Inc., and while the iPhone version is free, the iPad version costs a dollar, but it’s a small price to pay for such a fun (yet strangely difficult) game.

LawJuan ($10, iOS)

This app is perfect for lawyers and the legally-conscious Juans among us, as it presents an offline database of 15,000 laws of the Republic of The Philippines, including the Constitution (in all its versions), Presidential Decrees, Republic Acts, Batas Pambansa and the Rules of Court. While the main, complete reference app sells for $10, the app in its separate parts are still free, which include LawJuan Constitution, LawJuan Rules of Court and LawJuan Jurisprudence.

Booky (Free, iOS and Android)

This one is a fast online database of all the Manila restaurants you can think of, complete with contact information, maps and navigation aids, menus and even photos of the restaurant’s best dishes, and provides Monthly Top 10 lists and featured establishments. Made a group called Scrambled Eggs Pte Ltd, Booky even provides data on restaurants in Tagaytay and Baguio, and also provides info on new restaurants opening everyday.

MMDA (Free, iOS and Android)

This one is the first Philippine government agency mobile app that enables the user to navigate Metro Manila’s streets with all the latest and current information on traffic and street conditions. The Traffic Navigator has maps in System, Map or Line view in real time, and shows problems areas so that you can avoid them. Made by Giro AppSolutions, it also has MMDA FAQs and includes an MMDA Office Directory, and even allows you to share and report traffic conditions via Twitter.

Pinoy TV (Free, iOS)

This app simply allows you to watch over a hundred live-streaming Filipino channels on your device. Created by the VM Mobile Team, Pinoy TV also lets you listen to many Philippine radio stations and lets you watch some local films commercial-free. The station listing is constantly updated as well.



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