PHILIPPINE CULTURE & TRADITION REBORN: First PH Interactive Museum Brings You All Over the Philippines

Located at S Maison in Conrad Manila at the Mall of Asia Complex, Lakbay Museo was built on the foundation of environment conservation. Nearly all of the exhibits were constructed using 4,560 old and used rubber slippers and scrapped materials, 328 old rubber tires, 453 old car mats, and a variety of recyclable materials. The museum also provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non-professionals, local artists, disabled persons, and senior citizens.

In partnership with the DTI-OTOP, this Philippine milennial museum concept is providing 189 micro, small, and medium-scale enterprise in the country gain market access for their products.

“You are what you eat”, and truly, Philippine cuisine embodies the country’s identity. Feast on the exhibit, quite literally, with over 600 known Filipino dishes within the collection. Different regions, different provinces, different food, and different variations of dishes that characterize the Filipino taste have been gathered here together in one museum.

Celebrations of life and its occasions are always present in Philippine festivals that take place in provinces across the archipelago. Not only will you see the wide array of life and vivid color showcasing Philippine creativity, but also to hear the culture.

Traditional clothing, woven by our ethnic and indigenous groups across the Philippines, are also displayed for a feast to the eyes. Amidst popular clothing lines, we get to see and dress up in the original Pinoy fashion displayed in over 120 mannequins, Authentic traditional tapestries and fabrics are also mounted in the exhibit.

Where most people have to travel to experience this array of lively tradition, Philippine festivals are brought to life at your arm’s length at Lakbay Museo.

Tara na, lakbay tayo! See the Philippines in one gallery! History can be fun, colorful, and Instagrammable at the same time.

Lakbay Museo opens to the public on July 12, 2019.


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