Flower Power: Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival

It’s that time of the year again where the Summer Capital of the Philippines—also known as the City of Pines—Baguio City celebrates its season of blooming, generally known as the Panagbenga Festival.

For a slice of history of the month-long festival, the Panagbenga Festival was actually the brainchild of Damaso E. Bangaoet, Jr., John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation (JPDC) Managing Director for Camp John Hay. Not long enough, the idea turned into a flower-filled reality when the festival developed its face in 1995 and was slated to be staged every February.


The festival was originally called the “Baguio Flower Festival” until it was changed into “Panagbenga Festival” in 1997. It’s a Kankanaey term suggested by Ike Picpican, an archivist and curator of the Saint Louis University Museum, meaning “A season for blossoming; a time for flowering.”


On this year’s celebration, Panagbenga Festival’s line up of events includes a Drum and Lyre Competition, Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition, Chinese Spring Festival, Kite-Flying Challenge, Panagbenga Variety Show, fireworks display, the most awaited Grand Float Parade and a lot more that’s worth sniffing the fragrance!

For a complete schedule of events, visit http://panagbengaflowerfestival.com/.



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