Miguel’s: Siargao’s Loved Taqueria

Along Siargao’s General Luna, tourists will notice the changing cultural landscape that has immersed a lot of foreign culture into the tropical paradise on the southern part of the archipelago. Alongside coconut trees are pizzerias and resorts boasting French cuisine which comes quite as a shock for the Filipino surfer used to ihaw-ihaw  (grilling) for dinner and silogs for breakfast. However, the developments have its perks, and multiculturalism is one of the more overt advantages.


In the name of appetite, this mish mash of cuisines is always welcoming to any traveller. So, when we found Miguel’s Taqueria Y Cerveceria in the heart of the town, it was a pleasant surprise to our stomachs.

At the corner of an old residential building, Miguel’s has space limited to a few bar stools and their open kitchen, so everything is very quick. Dining in is tempting especially with the promise of the “coldest beer in town” at Php 50 a bottle. Tex-Mex and a cold bottle after a surf session sounds like heaven, so Miguel’s has their target market pretty spot on.

The owner (Miguel) tells us he’s from Iloilo, and moved to Siargao after a business opportunity opened up. The former restaurant in Miguel’s current location was also a taqueria, which he acquired but revamped everything from the branding to the menu.

Strictly speaking, Miguel’s is not purely Tex-Mex; it’s a Filipinized version that uses local ingredients to harbor a form of Filipino authenticity. No it isn’t a fusion of fares but the taqueria does use locally caught fish for its tacos, fresh produce from the island, and create their flour tortillas by hand; and in that sense, create regional flavors that any curious palate would appreciate.

m2Beef Burrito

For now, the menu is narrowed down to either burritos or tacos, no-frills and very affordable. And what’s impressive with the taqueria, is that it uses local ingredients flawlessly. For example, the fish taco uses beer battered tuna fresh from the port, while a homemade hot sauce made of green chilies adds a different facet to the dish without the overbearing heat of a siling Labuyo.

m1Fish Tacos

Miguel’s is definitely on the itinerary for anyone visiting the island. It’s a wonderful option for takeout or just a spot to sit back for a while and hang out over a beer before heading back to the resort.spot to sit back for a while and hang out over a beer before heading back to the resort.

General Luna, Siargao

Surigao del Norte

Miguel’s Facebook Page


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