Meme-orable Memes That Dominated 2019

Memes are like a contagious disease that creates a widespread outbreak infecting everyone with laughter and crazy ideas. It endlessly evolves and replicates depending on the hottest topic around us. Aside from political arguments, 2019 was filled with absolutely hilarious memes from netizens who never run out of creative schemes. From the viral Dalagang Pilipina medley to adorable Baby Yoda, here are the local and international memes that made us laugh this year:

Kara Mia

Remember this teleserye on GMA? Kara Mia tells the story of two faces co-existing in the same body, starring Barbie Forteza (Kara) and Mika Dela Cruz (Mia). Knowing netizens and meme-lovers, they were so quick to create hilarious versions and templates from the scene of the said teleserye. Some uploaded a parody of it on YouTube and Tiktok! This is one of the weirdest and creepiest memes of 2019. 

Dalagang Pilipina

Dalaga is a song by Filipino hip-hop group ALLMO$T that highlights the Filipina beauty. The song was used multiple times as background music for posing or projecting in front of a camera. As a result, a challenge arose in Tiktok where people made videos of themselves with this song. Dalagang Pilipina became the anthem of hundreds of beautiful Filipinas—and even Filipino guys—until YouTuber, vlogger, and local jeje girl Mimiyuuuuh uploaded her own version of it and yes, it is definitely a mood that will make you pa-cute and say, “Crush, baka naman!”

Sasuke Being Choked/Strangled

This meme was derived from the anime series Naruto: Shippuden where Itachi Uchiha pushes his brother Sasuke Uchiha against the wall, strangles him, and tells him, “You are weak because you don’t have enough hate.” Edited photos in which various characters appear to be choking Sasuke were posted on Twitter until it reached all social media platforms.

You Do Note

A little girl named Marjorry Lingat channeled the characters of the ABS-CBN teleserye Kadenang Ginto. She reenacted a scene of the said teleserye and uploaded it on Facebook. Netizens grabbed the opportunity to make a parody of the viral video

Ah sh*t, here we go again

Even the nostalgic video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas got involved in meme culture. A scene from the game where the character Carl “CJ” Johnson utters the phrase “Ah shit, here we go again,” gained popularity, making it to the list. It perfectly sums up everyone’s reaction towards repetitive situations we’re sick and tired of dealing with. A mood, right? 

Sana All

Or Sana Oil, meaning “I wish” or “I hope.” Aside from dreaming of a boyfriend or girlfriend, what makes you say, “Sana all?” This catchphrase may sound redundant as many Filipinos use it almost every day, but it is really applicable in any situation! “Sana all may jowa” has been the greatest Sana All of everyone, am I right? 

Storm Area 51

It all started with a Facebook event titled Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us created by Matty Roberts which garnered over 2 million “I’m going” responses. Since an actual attempt to invade the military base occurred, Matty Roberts later announced that the Facebook event was purely comedic. The meme became a music festival instead. And as far as we know, nobody encountered or captured an alien. But… what if it’s real?

Woman Yelling at a Cat

We have seen hundreds of photos, videos, and memes of grumpy and cute cats, but Smudge the cat is our most favorite. A picture of a woman getting emotional and yelling at a confused cat with a vegetable on his plate broke the internet. This became popular and was used to illustrate different versions and situations. Fun fact: The image of two women was from a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode in 2011, the woman pointing at the cat was Taylor Armstrong. 

Ed Caluag

Paranormal expert from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Ed Caluag also made it to the list! He was seen on the “Engkanto(“Supernatural Creature”) and “Ghost Ship in Siquijor” episodes. Ed tries to communicate with supernatural beings and, as usual, various memes have gone viral from his scenes, like “May nararamdaman akong kakaiba.” So now, who you gonna call?

Gusto kong sumabog at magsabi ng mga masasamang words

Former Pinoy Big Brother contestant Kit Thompson took the internet by storm with his Masasamang Words memes. These have been the usual reactions of the public whenever they’re mad or in a bad mood. It made us want to explode all the time and scream #$&@#! 

OK, boomer

New Zealand politician Chlöe Swarbrick said “OK, boomer,” as a retort in response to heckling from her older colleagues during her speech in Parliament about climate change. A catchphrase turned into meme became the weapon of Millennials and Generation Z to dismiss out-of-touch and condescending remarks by Baby Boomers. 

Gonna Tell My Kids

Here’s how this phrasal template works: a photo posted on social media and the person posting the photo will caption it with “I’m gonna tell my kids this was (insert name of a certain celebrity or public figure),” when in fact, it is far from the actual celebrity mentioned, but shares some traits or characteristics in common. So, what are you planning to tell your kids in the future?

Nanay vs Anak 

These mother and child memes have been circulating all over Facebook and Twitter. It suddenly appeared and became a meme craze that made everyone laugh and relate, especially when they were having a conversation with their moms IRL. 

Tala dance craze

Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala is an anthem of every Filipino as well! The song was released in 2015, but regained popularity this year after Sarah G showcased her dance skills with the iconic choreography of the song. The music video of “Tala” garnered 20 million views and became a dance challenge-slash-meme of 2019! 

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda sipping hot soup is the reigning champ of this year’s best meme! Introduced on the Disney+ television series The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda is an unnamed character that resembles an infant or smaller version of Star Wars character Yoda. This is the cutest meme we will never get tired of seeing on our timelines. Thanks and all the love, little guy, for giving life to our 2019 despite all the dank and dark memes that surround us.

Memes will always be dear to us and for some they’re the only thing that makes them happy during bad days or tough times. But let us still keep in mind to think before we click! We cannot make fun of everything. Cheers to more memes in 2020! What’s your most favorite meme of 2019?


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