Magical Tale of Sugarlandia: Level Up Your Ideal Dream Date

Couples, friends, and family are always on the lookout for unique date ideas and activities, not just on Valentine’s Day. Each has a dream date, it could be a lowkey picnic date, walk in a park, movie date, travel, outdoor activities, or a fairytale-like. Want to feel the romance in a different dimension? The magical tale of Sugarlandia can change your ideal dream date ideas. 

The Destination Sugarlandia

Inspired by the island of Negros, the land between sugarcane and the spiritual home of Don Papa lies which is called Sugarlandia. It is an enchanting world surrounded by lush flora and fauna where mortals, babaylans, magical and spiritual beings, and other mythical creatures co-exist and thrive—with the active volcano, Mount Kanlaon at its heart as the supreme being who orchestrated life since the beginning of time. The people of Sugarlandia are immersed in a world that heightens their senses with taste, aroma, sight, sound, movement, and palpable energy. What they’re most proud of is its brand experience that has the power to make anyone fall in love with the rich taste of rum.

Don Papa Masskara

Don Papa has been creating immersive events to bring this magical world to life by transporting consumers to Sugarlandia in all its wonder. A few months ago, it was also brought to key hotspots in the Philippines such as the islands of Siargao and Negros with a culminating event in Metro Manila. The Sugarlandia experience was further elevated by infusing the night with great atmosphere and electrifying music from some of the country’s hippest DJs and of course, signature cocktails concocted and served by Don Papa’s partner mixologists. Different personalities such as musicians, artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and loyal followers of Don Papa have gathered to dance and drink the night away. In every corner, there are couples and groups of friends who are too busy enjoying the empowering taste of Don Papa Rum while making every minute of their time the most unforgettable one. Spending your date night at Sugarlandia with booze, music, and the people you love dearly is an astounding experience.

DJ Samantha Nicole
DJ Abdel Aziz

More than bringing the brand experience to life, Sugarlandia continues to tie back the brand’s corporate social responsibility in preserving wildlife and reforestation through consciously building and strengthening their ongoing partnership with Talarak Foundation, a non-profit organization (NGO) in Negros that creates programs on conservation and habitat protection. Don Papa has been exerting efforts in keeping local wildlife protected as Natural Treasures through promoting the foundation, its cause, and activities including captive breeding of endangered species, reforestation projects, forest protection, community empowerment, education programs, and research. 

Ginjya Papa, City of Smiles, and Negros

Bleeding Heart Rum Company created Don Papa, a small batch rum from the main local sugar-producing island, Negros. Its premium blend is distilled from local sugar cane aged in Ex-American Bourbon oak up to seven years before being blended. Don Papa spans across 27 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and South Africa. For more info, visit their website and Facebook page. You may also check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts!


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