Lessons from Art Fair Philippines 2017

Over the years, art in the Philippines has continuously thrived, which is why there was no doubt that Art Fair Philippines 2017 will be grander than in previous years. In case you missed it, here are some tidbits from our thoughts during our trips to The Link, Makati last February 16-19, 2017.

1. Art is continuously growing in the Philippines

Art Fair 2017 at The Link Carpark, Makati

Remember the past, on where the elders say that there is no money in art? Well, seeing how some artists grew and get various recognitions all over the world, we can now say that yes, there is, though we understand the process may be complicated and tricky. But Art Fair Philippines constantly showed us that Filipino art will continue to grow as long as there is strong support from the local community.

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2. The artists speak to us on a personal level

Art Fair 2017 at The Link Carpark, Makati
“Self-Effacing Mirrors Nos. 1-6” by Juan Alcazaren

Even though there are some political art hanging around the walls of the fair, there are still more that speak to us about our culture, and for some artworks, they relate with us personally. We see it as a good thing, because art helps us heal emotional wounds and inspires us to live deeper.

3. Art can unite us

Ben Cabrera’s “Ambot Sa Imo”

Art Fair Philippines reached its capacity limit almost everyday during the weekend, and the reason with that was people fully supported its beauty. This made us think that maybe art could be a powerful tool for the people to speak with each other using the stories that they have always wanted to tell and the suggestions that they have for the current issues in our country.

4. You can explore the Philippines through its galleries and museums

“Ang patuloy na pag-usad ng lipunang may sayad” by Sangviaje
Details from Ged Merino x Aze Ong

Yes, you can discover a lot about the country through the powerful pieces that are being exhibited at the galleries and museums at the fair, for the works show a great variety of perceptions about the country’s culture and where the Philippines may be headed towards in the future.

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5. Art is for everyone

Participants at Dex Fernandez’s Garapata Exhibition
Dex Fernandez’s Garapata Exhibition

Each year, Filipino artists and the Art Fair Philippines aim to help each other in making the art world more interesting. A great example of that was Dex Fernandez’s Garapata special exhibition, on where he made his famous Garapata to not only be a personal project, but a project from everyone and how the different walks of life interpret this artistic object he created.

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Lynyrd Paras & Yeo Kaa X Secretfresh 2017’s “Self”

Art Fair Philippines truly showed everyone how art could be accessible to everyone today. The fair this year may have come to its close to prepare once more for the years to come, but for now, it has given us a new sense of excitement, especially as it leads us into the future of Philippine arts and culture.

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