Meet Golden Boy L.A. Aguinaldo

He’s won modeling competitions here and overseas and hopes to break into TV hosting as well. Like his fellow SM Youth ambassadors, L.A. hosts events, and travels all over the Philippines, especially during the summer.

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“I love the weather. I’m glad we have perfect weather,” he says. “I like road trips a lot. It’s an UBE—Ultimate Bonding Experience.

You spend a lot of time on the road and you get to know each other. Especially if you’re new friends, you sometimes can’t help the awkward silences, but those awkward silences turn into comfortable silences, and it somehow makes you guys closer. At the same time, you get close through shared stories, the stopovers, the overnight stays, and the adventures you share. I live for that.”

Read more about L.A.’s road trip to Tali Beach with the rest of SM Youth’s ambassadors in the latest issue of Explore Philippines, available in National Bookstore and Powerbooks stores nationwide.


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