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For summer holidays a bit more rowdy and energetic, especially for the kids, the cheerfully colorful Aquaria Water Park is further down south from Nasugbu, at the heart of the Playa Calatagan Residences along the Calatagan coastline, Bright yellow umbrellas dot the landscape from the poolside to the beach, contrasting nicely with the dense greenery of the mountains and the deep blue water in the giant resort pool and off the coast. In fact, the whole place just screams “C’mere, jump in, have fun, go nuts!“: Play some beach volleyball! Jump onto a banana boat! Take out a kayak! And is that a giant three-storey slide? Oh hey, IT IS.

Visitors can also relax in one of the many open-air cabanas poolside as well as in little pocket enclaves around the resort, or on the beach itself. These cabanas are designed to accommodate around 8 to 10 people per cabana on average (larger ones can accommodate up to 15) so they’re perfect for large groups of families and friends. There are also the excellent dining facilities of The Sands Restaurant and Bar, just where the grounds meet the beach, where visitors can enjoy some excellent local cuisine (maybe even the Catch of the Day) while digging their toes into the soft white sand.

For more information, visit www.aquaria.com.ph

This Batangas article was originally published in EXPLORE Philippines Magazine February – March 2016 Issue.

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