Island Love: Coron, Palawan

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what we have, especially if it’s something we’ve always had, something that’s always been there.

The sun? Pfft. The beach? Pfft. Getting a tan? Ho-hum. Swimming? Again. Boracay? K.

But when something that’s always been in our backyard makes our eyes go wide, our jaws drop and our beings exclaim “OMG!”, then you know you’ve stumbled upon something that exceeds even your most insane tropical-girl expectations.

Coron, Palawan has this effect.



Sure, it has the sun. The beaches. The tan you’ve always dreamed of. And the swimming-all-you-want. But, boy, oh boy, spend a weekend here and you will never see the sun, the beach, tanning and swimming the same way again. Your life will be changed – to say the least.

Located in Mindanao, in an area of the Philippines that can only be described as divine, Coron is nature’s magnificence preserved. The waters are the clearest they can be, the corals are the most majestic you’ll ever see, the desolate islands feel like secrets uncovered and the awe you’ll feell being in the midst of all, absolutely divine.

And the best part? There are no crowds. It always feel like it’s just you and nature on a date, finally getting to know each other on a whole new level – three or four days of nature showing you its absolute best, island after island, lake after lake, reef after reef, sandbar after sandbar, wave after wave. And you? Ahhh and oohing, sighing and gasping, finally taking that leap into I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU stage.


Coron, you beautiful creature you, let’s get married. Yes, it’s that kind of love. The kind that lasts forever.

Think your heart is ready for this kind of high? Then set aside a long weekend – or even better, take a leave – and get whisked away to meet the love of your tropical life.

The resorts are plentiful. From backpacker budgets to splurge levels, you are bound to find the one that hits the spot. But, honestly? It doesn’t matter which resort you choose because the best resort is the vastness and richness of Coron itself. This is where you’ll spend most of your stay – in its waters, on its sand and cradled in its wonders. Not in your room, most definitely not with your phone.


So find a good tour provider or boatman. They have great itineraries lined up so each day’s magic comes out fully. From snorkeling in Kayangan Lake (aka one of the best natural swimming pools ever!) to exploring small uninhabited islands on the way, your boatman is your go-to. A quick search on the internet will find you one. Or easier, ask the resort you are staying at.


Once you’ve sorted this out, well of course it’s time to prepare your #ootd-worthy bikinis/trunks (no abs needed, because really, who has abs in real life!), a good pair of shades, your camera, lots of sunblock and a reliable pair of beach shoes (you wouldn’t want to step on anything too exotic for your own good).

Et voila, you are ready to fall in love.


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