How To Survive A Beach Trip With Your Kid

For a parent, vacation time hardly ever means what it implies when you’ve got children running around during your down time. Love them or hate them, you’re stuck with them. So, the best way possible is to strike a balance between your kid’s happiness and your R&R time. Taking your own kid to the beach at such a young age can prove to be an experience as stressful as it is rewarding, especially if you have a hankering for water activities. The least you can do is not lose them and keep them well- fed. So from a mother’s point of view, this is how you survive on the beach with your kid.

1. Strength in numbers
This couldn’t be more true when you need alone time surfing or snorkeling. It’s better to have more eyes (that you trust) watching and playing with your child once the ocean calls you.

2. Secure transportation options
When a car is not always available, it is best to secure reservations with a bus company. And if you can, choose the most comfortable option: one that cuts travel time to the destination in half, preferably with its own comfort room, and one that doesn’t stop to pick up every passenger on the road.


3. Reserve your rooms early
Call the resort or apartment you will be renting even if you book online to secure your room, even if it means a down payment of half of the rate a week before. You want a place that your kid will feel comfortable away from home and one that may even let her make new friends.

4. Tailor your trip to your kid’s needs
Despite my cowboying alone in surf trips, my child is a creature of comforts. And despite my efforts to roughen her up, she prefers her air-con and hot water. You want to create positive memories of the beach that will make her want to go back.


5. Bring food – lots of it
When traveling via private transportation, allot a cooler for food including healthy snacks, juice and milk, and then a few naughty ones for bribing them. I normally bring fruits and nuts for my daughter to munch on and a few ingredients for pasta and breakfast if the resort allows cooking.


6. Have recreational activities available
Bring puzzles, toys, art materials, coloring books and a sketchpad to keep your child busy during down time at the beach. Find an open-air café where you can kick back for the afternoon.

7. Have a back-up plan
When travelling with your tot, it’s best to consider alternatives. Have a Plan B going when the circumstances don’t cooperate. Bring enough money on hand if you feel the need to upgrade to a room that will make your kid sleep more comfortable at night.


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