Hideaway Tourist Inn: A Paradisiacal Resort in Islas de Gigantes

Tucked in the enchanting island of Islas de Gigantes, Hideaway Inn Resort pioneered the resort industry on the island eight years ago. It started out as a humble abode for the Decano family until they eventually decided to accommodate guests when they realized the grand potential of the island as the next big thing in the country. Cottages were put up one by one, tree houses were added up, and five tourist guides showed guests around in resort’s younger years until it became of great contribution to the tourist influx in the island.

When we asked one of the tour guides why it was named as such, he said that the resort is a good spot to ‘hideaway’ from the rest of the world since there is no phone signal and internet access on the island.

Interestingly, the resort houses two huge wood coffins found in Bakwitan Cave, which are believed to be the coffins of the giant people who used to live in the island a long time ago.

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With more than 10 cottages in the resort, it’s best to stay in their tree house situated atop a huge Balete tree. They also have an air-conditioned house, the former house of the Decanos, with three spacious rooms good for three to five persons.

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Food in the resort is never a problem. They have generous servings of seafood such as scallops, squid, wasay-wasay, fish, and crabs. Islas de Gigantes is rich in scallops, and the island knows how to maximize their wealth well. Various scallop dishes are served in the resort like curry, steamed, adobo, ginataan, baked-, and sizzling sisig. Most meals are served with three to four viands with mountain-like rice, which will surely leave you in a state we all love: food comma. Food price ranges from PHP 75 to PHP 150.

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Seafood feast


Hideaway offers packages which most likely cover your accommodation, food, and tour expenses. Their itinerary will bring you to the magnificence of Cabugao Gamay Island, Bakwitan Cave, Antonia Beach, Tangke Salt Water Lagoon, Bantigue Sandbar, and Lighthouse Museum and Café.

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Cabugao Gamay Island

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Extension branch

While you want to hideaway more and experience a total paradisiacal vacation in Islas de Gigantes, their extension branch in Bolubadiang Island is the place to be. It was only established back in summer and is thankfully well-kept. This branch is a much secluded one, has same food servings, has enough number of cottages, has occasional cellphone signals, and is beach-front. The main branch is also beach-front, but is far from the island vibe that Bolubadiang Island gives.

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Here, the tide is high on day time and amazingly on its lowest by 4 PM onwards where locals and tourists alike walk from island to another—something you must experience when in Bolubadiang.

Hideaway Tourist Inn is located at Sitio Hayahay, Baranggay Asluman, Gigantes Norte, Carles, Iloilo. Room rate ranges at PHP 200/night in both main and extension branches. To book, contact resort owner Joel Decano at 0918 468 5006.


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