Nieves’ Booze Creamery Wants to Join You on Your Feels Trip

Because we need to get a hug from ice cream, too.

When adults get sad, they either go out to drink or eat a tub of ice cream. Now, you can have your ice cream and get drunk, too. Well, not really.

In comes Nieves’ Booze Creamery. Since opening its freezers last December 2018, Nieves’ Booze Creamery offers a unique dessert experience that will give its customers the extra buzz they’re looking for. “We wanted something unique that will catch people’s attention and that will make us stand out from the rest of the ice cream product lines. We aim to promote local alcohols, products, and delicacies by combining them in our flavors. We also tried to join the Milk Tea craze by making the 1st Booze Infused Milk Tea Ice Cream in the Philippines.”

Booze Creamery currently has eight flavors that mix liquor with hand-crafted, artisanal ice cream. The available flavors are Spiked Milktea and Boba Infused, Drunken Cheesy Yema, Bubblegum Lambanog, and best sellers Baguio’s Strawberry Wine Cheesecake, Spiked Milk Tea & Boba Infused, Spiked Milk Tea Oreo, Drunken Oreo Cheesecake, and Kapeng Barako Tiramisu Whiskey. The solo serving is priced at Php159 each, while the 1.9L tub costs Php799.

Now, don’t expect to get hammered off your Strawberry Wine Cheesecake. Boozy Ice Cream contains 5-10% alcohol by volume. A pint can get you drunk, but that depends on your alcohol tolerance. That’s roughly on the same level as a cold bottle of beer.

Booze Creamery currently has two pick-up locations in Metro Manila:

  • LRT2 J.Ruiz Station (San Juan, Metro Manila)
  • Inside Village East Executive Homes Cainta, Rizal

They also offer cash on delivery via partner riders or Lalamove (with additional charge). If you want to be part of the adult ice cream movement, Booze Creamery is open for resellers around Metro Manila and nearby provinces.


To get updates on new flavors i.e. new ways to get yourself drunk, follow Booze Creamery on Facebook and Instagram, @nievesboozecreamery. – article by Yna de Leon


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