El Nido, Palawan: Up Close & Personal

Joshua: Upon arriving at the airport, I rode a van for almost 6 hours before we got to El Nido town. The towering limestone formations and the smell of the sea greeted us passengers when we arrived.

The bustling town of El Nido maybe small in size, but its many islands with lagoons and fine, white sand beaches more than make up for it. There are plenty of beaches, lagoons, and islands that are packed into popular island excursions. Two of the best tours are tour A and C.

Tour A // Seven Commando and Paradise Beach

Tour A will take you to breathtaking lagoons with clear, azure-tinged waters. Big and small lagoon dazzle with their teardrop-like limestone formations and clear waters. The fine white sand of Seven Commando and Paradise Beach is soft enough to fit right into the spaces between your toes. The ticklish white sand and the scenic background of coconut trees and blue, placid waters all make for a perfect beach getaway.


Tour C // Hidden Beach and Helicopter Island

Tour C provides breathtaking sceneries and beaches minus the deluge of crowds. Hidden Beach got its moniker because of its distant and secluded location. Visitors who braved the rough seas are rewarded with a stunning beach embraced by towering limestone formations and clear waters. Helicopter Island was another notable beach along with the many fine, white sand beaches in El Nido. The island got its name because of its helicopter-like shape when boats see it from a distance.

Getting sick of breathtaking lagoons? El Nido has dozens of it! The rugged and raw beauty of Cadlao Lagoon will embed itself in your memory. The green, crystalline waters are surrounded by beautiful limestone formations.


The tours would not be as fun if not for the company I had. There were local and foreign tourists from different countries on the tour. I got to know some of them as we all enjoyed the wonders of El Nido.

El Nido offers plenty of open spaces for writers like me. Its raw beauty and placid surroundings make thinking and drawing inspiration so easy.


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