Don Papa Rum Showed Us How to Celebrate National Rum Month at The #RumForYourLife Party

Every August, rum enthusiasts and connoisseurs come together to celebrate their spirit of choice in what is now known internationally as, National Rum Month.

To celebrate, Don Papa Rum, partnered with several Poblacion, Makati establishments, namely Polilya, Tortuga, Agimat, and Dulo, to serve signature Don Papa Rum based tipples for the whole month. And as a culminating activity to this celebration (and to kickstart the long weekend) Don Papa Rum held the #RumForYourLife event at Run Rabbit Run in Población last August 24.

Culture shapers from all over the metro sipped on three Don Papa Rum infused cocktails, each with a distinct flavor profile, specially concocted by Don Papa Rum’s Brand Ambassador, Lloyd Misagal, together with Run Rabbit Run’s bartenders, and resident mixologist and finalist of the Glenfiddich World’s Most Experimental Bartenders, Lorenzo “Enzo” Luna.

“My co-mixologists and I created three cocktails that both highlight Don Papa Rum and its versatility in catering to different taste profiles. There is, Run Papa Run, a cocktail with a banana smokey taste. It is usually enjoyed by people who like a combination of creamy, savory, and sweet tastes. Kalamadon blends together quintessential Filipino ingredients such as calamansi and local honey. Lastly, Shake it Papa, is an energizing drink that infuses Don Papa with coffee, giving you that extra jolt to dance the night away,” according to Misagal.

(L-R): Run Rabbit Run’s resident mixologist, Enzo Luna together with Don Papa Rum’s ambassador Lloyd Misagal preparing the cocktail drinks for #RumForYourLife

When asked about what makes Don Papa Rum a standout, entrepreneur and retailer Brent Javier had this to say: “I’ve been a fan for a while now. I’m not a rum expert or anything, but I know what I like, and Don Papa is sweet and perfect to mix with or drink alone. The cocktails that were being served on at the #RumForYourLife event proved how versatile Don Papa can be.”

The Nines co-owner and TV personality, Brent Javier

TV host and She Talks Asia co-founder Victoria Herrera likewise enjoyed the drinks and shared her thoughts on her favorite cocktail. “For me to decide if a party is really good, I would have to look at two things: the crowd and its energy, and of course, the drinks being served, and Don Papa surely delivered those two things. For tonight, my favorite is the Run Papa Rum because it’s a little sweet and super light but has the kick that I need.”

Photographer Patricia Henson, who is no stranger to the neighborhood bar scene, was just as excited about trying Don Papa Rum. “It’s my first time to go to a Don Papa event and I’m really having a great time. It’s amazing how, despite the rain, a lot of the people from the local scene showed up to support and celebrate National Rum Month,” says Henson.

(L-R): Patricia Henson, Daniel Peters, Mike Concepcion

Lastly, Marga Bermudez, owner of Ms. Gee, another rising concept bar in Población, now considers Don Papa Rum as a staple in her arsenal of spirits. “It’s such a versatile drink. You can drink it straight up or play around with its flavor just like what they did here at the event.” 

(L-R): Ella Hake, Natasha Jordan, Elena Ortega, Patricia Henson, and Marga Bermudez

With hints of vanilla, honey, and candied fruit, this amber-colored rum can be used as a base for both short and long cocktails. However you choose to drink it, Don Papa Rum brings out a unique multi-sensory experience—one that is always light and fruity on the nose, yet smooth and delicate on the mouth—making it the perfect drink for any celebration.

For more information about Don Papa Rum and the Bleeding Heart Company, follow them on Facebook: and on Instagram: @DonPapaRum, and more details on their website,


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