DJI’s New Innovations

Dà-Jiāng Innovations (DJI) with the tagline “The Future of Possible” is becoming the top brand in the Philippines for technology, with its field in innovative cameras which include drones, osmo, and camera accessories. Drones, explained simply, are high-definition cameras that can fly. But of course many companies are exceeding the expectations of enthusiasts and professionals.

Phantom 4 Pro, videos or photos with 4k video and 100 bitrate

Phantom 4 pro, with its 1 inch sensor gives a very wide dynamic range especially for a drone. This means it has very good quality when taking videos or photos with 4k video and 100 bitrate. Giving you slow motion, advanced compression and with its features which include many ways in tracking a subject. The monitor of the controller has a brighter LCD screen so it can be seen even in direct sun light, which is very important because most of the time drones will be controlled from outdoors.

Phantom 4 Pro, 1 inch sensor

Mavic 4 pro is a highly advanced portable drone that is roughly the size of a drinking bottle. With its folding capabilities, the Mavic 4 pro is perfect for travelers or bloggers who just want their drone ready to-go. It has an intelligent design, which allows a cooling system on the base of the body, so you can get over 27 minutes of flying time with a connection to up to 20 satellites, perfect if your subject needs to go far. For the first time the camera in this model can rotate 90 degrees, for portrait shots and has the same stabilizing technology design as the Phantom 4 pro. Even its controller is portable with the size of a Gameboy, with arms that unfold to connect your phone for the screen viewing.

Mavic Pro, cooling system

OSMO is a camera with a stabilizer all in one with additional features, like panorama, tracking and interchangeable camera heads. This is great for taking videos or even selfies.

Besides the ordinary cameras there are now new and better, slightly easier ways to take visuals into the digital screen. These are not cheating because in this form of media there is no such thing as cheating. There is simply change but in this case something better, innovation.

Photos courtesy of DJI Innovations


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