CWC Clubhouse: Parks, Pasta, and Pizza

One might set foot in the province of Camarines Sur and immediately think of the extreme outdoor adventures as what the place is known for; on the other hand, foodies got another game in mind. Dubbed as the “Adventure Capital of the Philippines”, Camarines Sur in Bicol Region is an all-encompassing adventure for the mind, body, and tummy.

Opened on April 2012, The CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) is the first world-class watersports complex in the Philippines and in Asia. While best known for their water and outdoor activities, CWC is also stealing spotlight in CamSur’s dining scene. They started off with only one open area as a restaurant—which is now what they call the Clubhouse—and then later on added the Zeach Bar and a soon-to-open healthy option and crepe station, sealing them a tab as a one-stop adventure hub.

Room for Everyone

One easy thing to notice in CamSur Watersports Complex is that the area is really vast; all establishments inside are spacious, starting from the reception area to the wake park itself and the Clubhouse restaurant and bar.

CWC is a government-owned public recreational park, thus the place is open to people of all ages and nationalities, even to those who just want to have a quick jog around, take photos, and sit in an open area for a picnic or just a breather.

“It’s not just for the in-house guests [CWC], it’s for everybody. Kahit ’yong mga walk-ins, ’yong mga nagpi-pictorial lang, nagpho-photo-op, at least nagda-dining din sila,” shares restaurant manager Edison T. Mozo.

When asked about the current goal for the restaurant, Mozo said: “to cater to everybody; from all ages, class A, class B, class C—we don’t really have any particular target market, as long as you are enjoying the activities here or to hang out here…”

According to him, most of the guests are really after the chill vibes. The wakepark is just in front of the Clubhouse restaurant so it’s an added entertainment for diners. Beside the Clubhouse restaurant is a skate park and just a few steps away is the Zeach Bar, an open area for chill hangouts and nightlife activities wherein, aside from good booze and easy vibe, live stage acts take place on the weekends.

Laing, Spice, and everything Nice

Bicolanos are best known for having a great sense of adventure and an appetite for spicy food. The Clubhouse, though offering an extensive menu to cater to their diverse guests, also takes pride in some Bicol specialty items on the menu like laing-infused pizza, omelet, and sandwiches.

“We have a lot [on the menu]. We have Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and of course we have the Bicol specialties, the best-seller laing pizza, and soon we’re going to have frozen Bicol goods,” shares Mozo.

EXPLORE PHILIPPINES team had a chance to savor some of the Clubhouse’s best-sellers, such as the Bicolano pizza, Sinanglay na Tilapia, two of the most-loved dishes on their Filipino menu—Laing and Bicol Express—and Pan-Fried Ibos with Ice Cream for dessert. The table was set outside the restaurant for good lighting but while we were on duty taking photos of each of the dishes on the table, it didn’t really feel like work; the mere atmosphere, the ever changing diverse crowd, and the appetizing plates all help for an irresistibly inviting adventure in one sitting. We were ready to dig in at any moment.

And while all the exciting activities the place can offer might overwhelm the thrill-seekers, CWC’s effort to make their name pop up in Bicol’s colorful dining scene has been satisfyingly fruitful.

All images in this post by Rholiza Sy unless otherwise stated.


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