Crown Regency’s Extreme Sky Sports

Hailed as one of the tallest hotel buildings in Cebu, if not in the Philippines, Crown Regency boasts of its newest venture, Sky Experience Adventure. It features a 6D Movie Theater, sumptuous international-wide cuisines, the world’s first Edge Coaster and the country’s first and only Sky Walk Extreme among others that will give you the finest view of the Queen City of the South.

Here, we listed some of Crown Regency’s extreme sky sports for you to try.


Edge Coaster

Situated 130.84 meters above ground, Edge Coaster offers a different take on the usual roller coaster. The first of its kind in the world, the Edge Coaster goes around the edge of the 38th floor of the building, while securely locked in a rail seat. The seat then playfully tilts up to 55 degrees for a palm-sweating experience while overlooking the beauty of Cebu. You can opt not to fully tilt it, of course, but where’s the fun in that? 


Skywalk Extreme

Another first of its kind the country is the translucent glass flooring of Skywalk Extreme. It is set 126.55 above the ground that gives you a natural high while walking. Could you handle grace under pressure?


Tower Zip and Sky lift

Feel the urban rush with the first urban zipline in the world! Tower Zip stretches from Tower 1 to Tower 3 with a distance of 250 ft. while you are suspended 470 ft. in the air.

To return to Tower 1, ride on the Sky lift, the first zipline in the world that has an automatic braking system. While you are at it, enjoy the scenic viewpoint 461 ft. from the ground.


Paramount Vertigo Wall

The one and only urban climbing activity gives you a one of a kind experience! Paramount Vertigo Wall is located on the 40th floor of the building, situated 468 ft. above the ground.


Sky Experience Adventure is located at Tower 1, Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, Fuente Towers, Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, 6000 Philippines. For rates and schedule, visit



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