Busuanga Bay Lodge: A Gem Of A Resort







A 45-minute drive from the airport led us to the white walls of Busuanga Bay Lodge and immediately we were greeted with drinks, individual floral wreaths and a local welcome song. With that setting the tone for the entire trip, we knew we were in for a fun ride.

Perched at the end of Busuanga with a breathtaking view of the West Philippine Sea, an array of hills with magical sunrises and a horizon filled with small islets sits the 2-year old resort.

As a Palawan first-timer, many have questioned my choice of destination throwing in that Coron probably should’ve been the first in my Palawan itinerary but now that I’ve seen Busuanga’s pristine beaches and the island’s serenity, I can say my perceived detour was worth it.





With 41 rooms to choose from, guests are assured a vacation to their liking. We got the Waterfront room that entailed a huge Bermuda-inspired room with two queen-sized beds, an enormous shower, decadent beddings and a balcony overlooking the pristine waters. At both ends of the strip of rooms sit two Instagrammable docks, one being a port for the boats.

Service in the resort is impeccable. People are cheerful, courteous, kind and quick in accommodating guests. Shuttles are constantly available to whisk guests off to their rooms or the clubhouse that houses the main restaurant and the infinity pool, a 10x15m pool that overlooks the Busuanga Bay area.

Lounging around pools whenever by the beach never feels enough though – no matter how gorgeous a pool is. Luckily, Busuanga Bay Lodge caters to this sea itch. The resort’s owners also own another beach in the area, the South Cay Island. The private islet is 30 minutes away by boat and is very much worth the half hour trip. Clear waters, fine powdery white sand and privacy await and guests can opt to book their choice of boat or yacht. We spent a few hours swimming with the occasional fish and took the two-story yacht back to the resort just in time for the buffet dinner.

The boat ride is relaxing in itself. Watching ripples and the sun set is already a serene moment but should guests want to get even more bang for the vacation buck, there is a spa available at the resort for much-needed massages.

For adrenaline junkies, there are a bunch of activities offered. Diving in Palawan is said to be exhilarating as some of the most famous diving spots are in the area including the Wrecks of Coron and Palawan, a Japanese WWII shipwreck site just 5 minutes away from the resort, the Barracuda Lake that entails a 15 minute hike before the dive and Gunter’s Cathedral, that leads to a dramatic hole in the sea. An in-house dive center in the resort assists newbies and diving enthusiasts in this special activity. For those who want to keep their activities above sea level, kayaks are available for use. A gym is also there for fitness junkies while a bar is a go-to place of easy-going guests who just want to enjoy a drink or two.





Nothing is better paired with a view of the water than a hearty meal and Busuanga Bay Lodge offers buffet dinners and breakfasts. The hits were their renditions of local favorites such as Adobo, Bistek Tagalog and their versions of fried fish. The resort prides itself in sourcing ingredients from local fishermen, farmers and greenhouse owners and it definitely translates to the taste of the food. Wine enthusiasts will also be thrilled to know that a wine cellar awaits and guests can open their bottle of choice.

The resort, according to their website, was envisioned to promote and support a beautiful natural community. I personally think they complement the beauty of the place adding to the charm and charisma of the undiscovered Busuanga. I definitely recommend the Busuanga Bay Lodge and cannot wait to go back to this luxe enclave.

Busuanga Bay Lodge is located at Sitio Lawi, Barangay ConcepcionBusuanga, Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

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