Bayanihan Against COVID-19: Concrete Ways To Help Our Healthcare Workers

The world is still battling with the novel coronavirus as it continues to spread globally and with that, the number of confirmed cases in the Philippines increases daily, making it more difficult and dangerous for Filipinos, especially doctors, nurses, and all healthcare workers. Following the announcement of a one-month community quarantine in Metro Manila, people began hoarding and panic-buying goods and medical supplies such as face masks, alcohol, disinfectants, and others that left the shelves and stores empty. It is displeasing to see some people who bought in bulk and sold the items online at unreasonable prices without considering their fellow Filipinos, including the frontliners who risk their lives every single day to treat COVID-19 patients. 

The Philippines is light-years away from having an effective and functional healthcare system that will cater to everyone. Well, the problem is not our medical professionals—our country has competent and well-trained healthcare workers—but knowing that the health budget was cut down to 10 billion and hospitals are lacking basic medical necessities, it is alarming, specifically in times of health crisis and virus outbreak.  

Several health groups, organizations, and even the frontliners themselves have initiated donation drives and appeal for medical supplies for both patients and healthcare workers. So, how can we help? Here are some ways to contribute or show your gratitude to all our diligent and brave frontliners who are in charge of suppressing this pandemic:

Philippine General Hospital

State-owned hospital PGH is calling out for donations of personal protective equipment such as 70% ethyl alcohol, N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, and surgical gowns.  

UP Medicine Student Council 

The University of the Philippines College of Medicine together with the Philippine General Hospital launched a “Donation Para sa PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)” drive. Along with UP Medicine Student Council and its organizations, they are asking for donations of N95 masks and alcohol for its PGH interns on duty. 

Tulong Kabataan

Tulong Kabataan is a relief and rehabilitation network initiated by the Kabataan Partylist to help victims of floods, typhoons, and other natural disasters. The organization is still accepting monetary donations and medical supplies for all the patients, interns, and healthcare workers in the Philippine General Hospital. To donate, please contact 09082111437. You may track the donations here.

Youth for Human Rights and Democracy 

Y4HRD is raising funds to buy face masks and sanitizers for the frontliners at the Philippine Heart Center. Any amount donated will be contributed to protect and strengthen the healthcare workers. Youth for Human Rights and Democracy is a youth organization committed to promoting human rights in the country primarily through human rights education.

Philippine Association of Medical Technologists

PAMET appealed for health supply donations like face masks, sanitizers, and other personal protective equipment needed by their medical technologists and healthcare professionals. 

Kaya Natin! Movement 

In coordination with the Office of the Vice President, another youth group is organizing a donation and fundraising campaign for personal protective equipment for health workers. They are in dire need of N95 masks, surgical gowns, gloves, head covers, two-shoe covers, and goggles. You can donate through this link.


Motorcycle ride-hailing app Angkas is gathering excess food and personal protective equipment including N95 masks, face shields, surgical gowns, gloves, etc., to be donated for the hospitals catering to COVID-19 patients. You just have to fill out the donation form on Google, then an Angkas rider will pick up your donation to be distributed to healthcare workers.

UERM Medicine Student Council

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center is in dire need of Vitamins C with zinc and personal protective equipment for its frontliners.

UST Medical Alumni Association

University of Santo Tomas organized a cash donation drive to purchase food, vitamins, and personal protective equipment for the Thomasian frontliners.

Lung Center of the Philippines

Another government-owned hospital is asking for donations of N95 or surgical masks and caps, isolation gowns, shoe covers, and disinfectants to protect their doctors and nurses from containing the virus while treating the patients.

Let’s be kinder and more considerate right now. While each one of us needs to be protected against COVID-19, hoarding medical supplies and alcohol alone won’t prevent you from contracting the virus. In order to be safe and healthy, people around you must remain sanitized too. Thank you to all the medical professionals, healthcare workers, and frontliners for their service. They need care and help as well, so let’s do what we can do in our own little ways. 

Do you know any other donation drives that are not on the list? Feel free to share it in the comments section!

Featured image credit: Quezon City Government


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