Baler’s Sustainable Hotel: Charlie Does

I’ve known Charlie Does as an essential part of the Baler surfing culture, as one of the earliest surf schools in Sabang. I remember setting up a hammock or a tent outside the shack right next to Bay’s Inn just so we could cut expenses on the limited accommodations at that time. Charlie Does brings back so many memories of Baler’s yesteryears and its verification of their friendly locals.

From that tiny hut, Charlie Does has now upgraded into a hotel-cum-motel and a café with a business model that carries a firm platform on sustainable development. From its organic and vegan meals to its reduced carbon footprint design, Charlie Does embodies what many establishment owners forget today – a conscience.

With a vibe that intertwines hospitability, comfort and the ruggedness of nature, the hotel-motel feels more like a hostel with private fan rooms and a loft-type area for those willing to sleep in hammocks for the night. At Php 250 per night and Php 150 if you bring your own hammock, it’s a steal to be sleeping amidst the mountain breeze.


For those that opt for suites, Charlie Does includes options for two to four pax starting at Php 1,500 with the option of a garden balcony and a charming bathroom with the basic luxuries – hot and cold shower and a clean flushable toilet.


With no Wi-Fi available at the hotel/motel, a common area in the middle allows for socialization with the other guests. On afternoons when the waves are small, you’ll find guests exchanging stories with the locals, and on rainy nights, trying some of the local booze over a game of poker. No worries, for those who need to be online, Wi-Fi is readily accessible just a few steps down at Charlie Does Café.

A façade of recycled container vans are insulated with layers of bamboo to keep the interiors cool despite the direct sunlight. The architecture is simple yet ingenious, maximizing the environment around it rather than forcing inorganic structures for the sake of revenue.


Charlie Does Hotel Motel is on a path towards sustainability – using reused and renewable resources in the process, while keeping itself in check in its growth.

Tip: Room rates are half-off during the weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) while those planning to stay for ten days or more get a huge discount per day for the duration of their stay.


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