Author - Bea Celdran

Bea traverses through life much like her travelling and biking – impulsive and sans an itinerary. More often than not, she arrives at her destination unscathed but not without getting terribly lost in the process.

Hunongan Cove: A Decade in Silence

After ten years of keeping mostly to itself, Hunongan Cove is ready for its public debut. Only ten years ago, the islands of Caramoan were pretty much inaccessible and...

Caramoan’s Dream-like Panorama

As far as the eye can see, Caramoan features all the mythical aspects of a tropical island paradise. Caramoan is probably one of the most underrated group of islands in...

Ben Alves: Without an Agenda

Despite the constant flux in his career, Ben Alves tells us the importance of shunning a schedule once in a while. Story by Bea Celdran Photography & Creative...

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