Archery for All: Arrowland’s Launch

The first Arrowland finally opens its doors to the public at the 5th level of SM Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. Under the same label of the Gandiva archery ranges, Arrowland is their brand tie-up exclusive for SM malls, and geared towards walk-ins and beginners.

Having opened in 2007, Gandiva has had two branches so far, the first flagship at One Corporate Center in Ortigas, a second in Gaisano Mall in Davao, and of course this branch as its third, expecting a few more branches in the first quarter of next year (read: Nuvali, Cebu and Iloilo).

Joseph Bismark, the owner of the indoor archery range opened the Gandiva label hoping to introduce archery to Filipinos. The regal sport teaches its members to be more caring and compassionate to others. The name “Gandiva” hails from the magical bow in the Mahabharata that spans over 5,000 years ago.

While Gandiva caters to many enthusiasts, Arrowland is meant to hit the mainstream market, urging more of the curious and first-timers to try out the sport within the convenience of a popular mall. Arrowland also urges guests to experience archery without intimidating rates. Starting at Php 250 for 25 arrows, visitors have the liberty to shoot as much as they please, under the guidance of trained coaches.

However, Arrowland not only caters to walk-ins but offers those hooked on the sport archery lessons, play packages, modules and even accessories, as the exclusive distributor of FIVICS and KROSSEN in the Philippines.

Currently, Arrowland houses 10 lanes of 10 meters each while offering barebows for beginners, and mid to high end range bows for more seasoned archers. Although unlike Gandiva which doubles as a vegetarian café, Arrowland focuses on archery alone, thus its aim to penetrate the mainstream. And with its success, branch after branch, that vision seems on target in the future.


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