8 Drinks To Bring This Season For Every Intention

When your Christmas party organizer asks you what you want to bring to the potluck, you immediately call dibs on drinks. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong! If you’ve been to ANY party before, you’ll know that drinks are super important in setting the mood and making sure everyone has a great time. This year, bring more than just soda and orange juice, and see if you don’t score plenty of kisses under that mistletoe!

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1. You want a conversation-starter.

Local craft beers are gaining a steady following, so why not support the trend by trying out the different brands at your next party? Check out Pedro, Nipa Brew, Fat Pauly’s, Bogsbrew, Joe’s Brew, and Katipunan Craft Ales. Get them at The Bottle Shop at the Global Beer Exchange. You can also get some good old Brew Kettle Beer at leading grocers nationwide!

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2. You want a classy vibe.

There’s nothing like holding a wine glass by the stem to make a person look and feel sophisticated. Bring a rosé, ice wine, or champagne for a more festive feel.

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3. You want to inspire confidence.

Think Mad Men/Ryan-Gosling-at-a-bar. Sipping a glass of whiskey keeps you super poised and will make you look ultra polished. Try the more flexible Jameson or some Evan Williams Bourbon, just in case you change your mind and find that whiskey bombs are in order.

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4. You want everyone to feel nostalgic.

Sober doesn’t have to mean boring, and nothing spells Christmas quite like peppermint hot chocolate. Complete that ugly sweater party with cups of minty hot cocoa and keep spreading the holiday cheer! Get the recipe here.

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5. You want everyone to get tipsy.

Just the right amount of tipsy can definitely get people in the right mood to open up. Nothing like a few glasses of craft cocktails to get the right buzz. If you don’t have the skills of a proper bartender, no worries! Just bring a few  bottles of gin/vodka/rum/bourbon, ginger brew, Waitrose tonic (available at Marketplace), fruit juices, lemons, a jigger or measuring glasses, and ice, and start getting creative.

6. You want a throwback to your college days.

Who can forget jello shots and all that red liquid dripping down white shirts? Keep it classy and put them on popsicles instead of scooping them straight into your boss’ mouth. Try this homemade recipe.

7. You want everyone to dance.

Nothing takes you back to dancing barefoot on Boracay white sand like some good old Coke and rum. And the right amount of alcohol, most especially rum, can definitely make you dance like nobody’s watching. Check out homegrown Don Papa Rum from Negros. It’s touted as the Philippines’ first sipping rum, so you can definitely go easy on the soda and save some calories for the lechon.

8. You want everyone to get wasted.

Tequila has been and, it seems, always will be the go-to for loosening up a lot without having to pay for it big time the next day. Our friend Jose Cuervo is always top of mind. Don’t forget the salt and limes!

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