7 Reasons You’ll Never Want to Leave Siargao Bleu

Siargao’s premier and only spa resort, Siargao Bleu, reflects what the island is all about – a serene paradise one can easily call home. The island’s laid back vibe and homey atmosphere are enough reasons to want to stay, which many have. But for those visiting paradise, Siargao Bleu makes its guests’ stay likened to what it would be like living in paradise. Here are a few points that made our stay in the island so special, despite the limited time, thanks to Siargao Bleu.

1. The hospitality is impeccable
From our grueling van and boat ride which took up most of our day, it was extremely comforting to have the resort send a van and its receptionist to fetch us. Once inside, cold water bottles were distributed and our host gave a short spiel about the island. Once we stepped foot in the resort, we were offered a welcome drink. It was a great start to a vacation that forced us to go through hours of travel just to get to paradise.



2. The interiors are breathtaking
As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a plumage of foliage and greenery. Wooden furniture and tropical accents strategically lead guests from an open-air lobby to the restaurant, then finally to the pool which offers a grand view of the ocean. They are currently undergoing renovation under Cebu’s creative liaison, Bong Deiparine.



3. The dining experience is memorable
Specializing in seafood, the Bleu Restaurant cranks up its classic dishes with touches of innovation. A dish as simple as adobong pusit is not drowned in squid ink and focuses on the tender morsel of meat instead. They also offer humongous king crabs, that are even bigger when in season.

sb8Photo of King Crab from Siargao Bleu’s website

4. The rooms are beautifully designed
At Php 6,500 for either the Garden or Terraces De Luxe rooms, you are offered a sprawling bed, adequate space, cable television and a mini refrigerator, not to mention a bathroom so spacious, you could easily pass out in it. Splurge on a Floating Cottage at Php 12,000 and get 112 sq. space, a Jacuzzi tub, and direct pool access, so you can wake up and jump in.



5. Guests are spoiled silly
Every room comes with a personal butler. The idea of a butler escapes me but the manager tells me it isn’t to everyone’s taste. However, the butler does serve a number of purposes: as a complimentary tour guide to Siargao’s gorgeous destinations, or for emergency purposes.



6. Wellness is very much promoted here
The Bleu Spa that was once hidden on the ground floor is now on the lobby’s second story on its open terrace, facing the ocean. Sunset therapies are highly recommended after Mr. Deiparine’s renovation of the space. The gym which is free of use is also located on the same floor.



7. The staff are very accommodating
Whether it is scoring transportation services for tours or asking around for surf spots (or accompanying you if the time permits), Siargao Bleu’s personnel will do whatever they can to make you feel welcome and secure. Get chummy with a few of the staff members over some after hour drinks and they’re sure to give you a hell of a time with their own personal experiences of the island.

sb9The manager and a local accompanying me to a nearby surf spot to look for waves


Siargao Bleu

Barangay Catangnan, General Luna,
Siargao Islands, Philippines

+63 917 772 4188
      +63 948 869 0977

Siarago Bleu’s website


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