7 Must-Visit Spots in Siargao

More than serene sunrises by the pristine beaches and wild nights partying in the island’s list of bars, Siargao is breathtaking in itself. It is teeming with a rawness not many of the country’s tourist destinations can be proud of. So organic is its spirit that there has been a collective consciousness by locals and visitors alike to respect the island in all its glory despite the recent slew of developments. We’ve listed a quick run-down of the island’s most alluring locations when visiting.
1. Mapupungko Tidal Flats and Rock Formations
Via boat or habal-habal, one can reach the iconic Mapupungko Beach in the town of Pilar. By boat, guests are greeted by the famed eponymous rock sitting atop another flat rock. By foot, one must go through a narrow passageway (after paying an entrance of Php 50) to reveal the breathtaking Mapupungko Beach whose tidal pools are only exposed during low tide.

Photo from: Paradise of Strangers

2. Cloud 9 Boardwalk
Surfer or not, the amazing view of General Luna’s Boardwalk is something to behold. At three stories high, it offers the best view of Siargao’s world-class waves and those ripping on them. Wake up early and catch the sunrise as a precedent to an early morning surf session before the crowds kick in.


Photo by Explore’s Ian Francisco

3. Mangrove Forest
Del Carmen’s Mangrove Reserve is an ethereal experience on its own. At 8,620 hectares, you are treated to lush flora and fauna via bangka, kayak or SUP (stand-up paddle) considering it is recognized as a wildlife sanctuary by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Keep your eyes peeled since it is also home to the rare saltwater crocodile, the largest land and river-dwelling predator.


Photo by Explore’s Ian Francisco

4. Sugba Lagoon
Through the mangrove forest and its connections of lagoons, your bangka will lead you into the secluded Sugba Lagoon. Apart from the fishermen who live deep within the mangrove systems, the privy lagoon is mostly deserted and offers privacy to its visitors. It is also home to the stingless jellyfish which you can swim with in Sugba’s turquoise waters.


Photo by Explore’s Ian Francisco

5. Taktak Falls
With surfing as Siargao’s ubiquitous activity and the beach side pleasures it brings along with it, Taktak Falls is a breather from all the sun, and surf. Although not as grand as the mother falls of Baler or La Union, this forest respite features a friendlier version with man-made walls lining the banks to keep the water in like a pool.


Photo from: Solitary Wanderer

6. Daku, Naked and Guyam Island
Island hopping in Siargao is synonymous to these three islands. Daku, literally meaning “large” is the biggest of them all and the most beautiful for sunset watching. Powdery white sand lines the beach while kudos (huts) are available for rent. Naked Island looks exactly as it is named –bare. It’s a fun sandbar to encircle and swim about but the lack of any form of shade limits your time on the island.


Photo of Daku Island from: Vinto del Mar

Guyam Island is very much like Naked Island but with a patch of various tree and plant species including coconut, talisay, pine and grass. What is interesting about Guyam is that half of the island constitutes of alabaster sand and the other of hard corals.

7. Pacifico Beach
North of Siargao is San Isidro where you will find a contradiction to beaches of General Luna strewn with hard corals. Pacifico Beach is a stretch of white sand that caters to both surfers and non-surfers alike. The rolling waves made by its beach break allows a less crowded surf spot to the packed breaks of Cloud 9 and the like, while a sandy shore allows for recreational activities like swimming and lounging around.


Photo from: Traveling Morion


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