5 Tips To Survive Manila Traffic This Holiday Season

Its a weekdaytwo hours before the official rush hourand yet youre in the middle of EDSA with nowhere else to go. Its the Christmas season after all, and just like you, everyone else is scouring malls for gifts, groceries, and holiday must-buys. Is there a way to keep sane throughout this seemingly never-ending ordeal? Our answer is: absolutely! These 5 tips work for us, and were pretty sure they will for you, too.

1. Curate your playlist before embarking on a Manila journey

Whether youre using a music streaming app on your phone or a memory card full of your favorite bands concert repertoire, make sure that you have everything up and ready before leaving for your destination. Having the right soundtrack can mean the difference between a stressful night and a productive day.

2. Stock up on nonperishable food items

Hours on the road can turn anyone into a really #hangry (hungry and angry) monster, and we all know #hangry is the last thing you want to be. Be sure to bring nonperishable food items with you, whether in your vehicles compartment or in your bag. Think crackers, cookies, gum, and candy. If youre looking for something a little healthier, try protein bars, trail mixes, nuts, or cereals in small quantities. Just make sure to properly pack them before you get moving!

3. Refill your water bottle before going on the road

Having to pull over for a bathroom break is always better than being a dehydrated driver/commuter. Keep your focus and your health in check by keeping a water bottle with you wherever you are. Youll never know how long EDSA or C5 will keep you in their arms.

4. For commuters and passengers, save a movie or two in your phone

Really? A movie? Of course, a movie. If you’ve been through enough Manila traffic, you know how boring and frustrating it can be. While at a standstill, entertain yourself with your favorite movies or TV shows. After all, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Just a warning though: Commuters, don’t let your screen distract you from potential safety threats. Drivers, don’t even try!

5. Make stretching a habit

Did you know that you can develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from sitting or standing for too long? This can cause vascular complications when blood starts clotting in your legsdeep veins. Make sure to stretch and flex your legs every once in a while to improve blood circulation and survive all the bad effects of traffic!



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