10 Water Activities to Try in Boracay

Boracay, the second most beautiful island in the world, just cannot stop from flaunting its beauty to both locals and foreigners alike. Its pure white sandbars is a given reason why it was ranked so high on the list next to Palawan, and here are 10 water activities you must try to maximize your stay.

Paddle boarding

Photo by Richmond Lim

Paddle boarding is one of the most popular activities in Station 1, White Beach. Dotted around the shore, tourists would not resist the urge to try and test their balancing skills on this one. Paddle board owners have their boards rented for only PHP 400/hour.

Paraw sailing

Photo by Erreevee Gloria

Boracay is known for showcasing its exemplary sunset show, and there’s nothing more calming to witness this by paraw sailing through its blue waters. Paraw has gained popularity in the island and has somewhat gave a emblem to the island. Experience this for only PHP 400 for 30 minutes.

Helmet diving

Photo by Robert Houston

One of the newest activities in Boracay is helmet diving where you can walk around the 1f-feet deep ocean floor while wearing a 22-kilo heavy helmet. But no worries, you can still breathe and the heaviness of the helmet would weigh down to 2 kilos when submerged. Enjoy this mermaid moment for only PHP 600 for 15 to 20 minutes.

Banana boating

Banana Boating
Photo by My Boracay Guide

Feel the rush of the waves and bask in Boracay sun with the timeless activity, banana boating. This 15-minute inflatable ride can be enjoyed with the family or with friends for only PHP 300/head.



Flyfish is an alternative to banana boating where, like banana boating, inflatables are also the key player of the game. A speedboat will pull the inflatable fish and riders shall get launched in the air like, well, a flying fish for 15 minutes! Boat drivers are experts though and will really try to get tourists to fall of the inflatable. The goal is to hold on tight and not fall. Don’t worry, those who do will be picked up by the speedboat. To start off the adrenaline-pumping ride, the Flyfish must be filled by a minimum of three persons for only PHP 750/head.


Photo by Rholiza Sy

Bulabog Beach is one of the main hotspots for snorkeling in Boracay. It has a diverse marine life that’s enough to suffice your dire need for underwater exploration. While taking turns, gulp on some fresh buko juice sold in the middle of the sea. Fishes can also be fed with bread for only PHP 50.

Here’s a fun fact, one tour guide there once became an extra in the film “Muro Ami” starred by Cesar Montano back in 2000.

Snorkeling starts at PHP 250.


Photo by Rholiza Sy

If there’s snorkeling, there’s diving. A number of PADI certified dive centers can be found in the stretch of White Beach where you can rent your equipment and be assisted by a professional dive operator. There’s Seaworld Boracay, Victory Divers, DiveGurus, and New Wave Divers. Meanwhile, some of the 25 dive sites in Boracay are Yapak, Angol Point, Crocodile Island, and Laurel Island.


Photo by Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Relish the beauty of Boracay from atop by parasailing! These 15 minutes of guts and glory will literally take your breath away from the majestic view it will bestow before you. The regular rate for a solo ride is for PHP 2,500, while rate for groups of two to three is for PHP 2,000. Meanwhile, the lean season rate can go as low as PHP 1,000. It’s all just a matter of timing!

Island hopping

Photo by Janella Cruz

In any island there is, island hopping is definitely one of the top choices to do especially when you’re in an island like Boracay. Private island-hopping tours could go for as low PHP 1,200, depending on the number of passengers and maybe your haggling skills.


Photo by Ocean Island Travel

Stroll around in the pristine waters of Boracay like a boss with a cool 15-minute round of jetski for only PHP 1,500 for two persons.


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