10 Phased Out Fast Food Items We Wish We Could Order Again

Pinoys really love affordable and sulit food trips, which is why we are thankful for the existence of these irresistible fast food chains—Jollibee, McDo, KFC, Greenwich—too many to mention, right? It is saddening to accept, but not all our favorites stay on the menu as fast food chains always release and reinvent new items. Just like people, fast food items come and go. Some of these were only limited edition or promotional items that lasted for a few months before leaving us brokenhearted and craving for more. 

Our fast food-loving hearts and souls got triggered AF after a netizen expressed his dismay over the recent phase-out of Jollibee’s affordelicious Garlic Pepper Beef—a dish of juicy beef strips topped with garlic bits and mild pepper sauce. So, we rounded up the fast food items we are dying to have in our arms and bellies again even just for a while:

Ice Craze

With the sweltering heat in the country, Jollibee launched this classic dessert just in time for summer. Ice Craze is basically Jollibee’s version of halo-halo, a combination of crushed ice, vanilla ice cream, ube, macapuno, rice krispies, and fruit bits. It comes in different flavors such as mango caramel, ube keso, mais con yelo, macapuno de leche special, and coffee jelly. It was definitely a real deal! 

Swirly Bitz 

Jollibee now offers a cookies and cream sundae, but this one is another classic sweet treat that left a mark on our hearts, especially for kids. The crushed cookies blended with vanilla soft-serve ice cream was a satisfying and delectable dessert to cool you down. This is the OG cookies and cream dessert that is worth remembering. 

Pearl Coolers 

Greenwich’s Pearl Coolers became a craze in 2013, a few years before milk tea franchises popped up around the metro. This refreshing ice-blended drink with chewy tapioca pearls also comes in a variety of flavors like buko pandan, chocolate, mango, and coffee. The best thing? It’s presyong kaibigan

McRice Burger

Everyone fell more in love with McDo when they released the McRice Burger. A handy rice meal pressed into the finest grains of white rice patties that are toasted to golden perfection stuffed with crunchy red cabbage and fresh lettuce. You have a choice of either Beef Supreme—a juicy beef patty dipped in sweet Asian barbeque sauce—or Chicken Supreme—a tender, breaded chicken fillet drizzled with special garlic mayo dressing. Both were sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds for a mouthwatering aroma.

Extreme Hotshots

Who could resist the addictive and fiery chicken poppers of KFC? Extreme Hotshots had a tongue-tickling fierceness, with its crunchy and peppery taste that would keep you digging for more—gravy refill, please! Funshots and Hotshots taste heavenly, but Extreme Hotshots are god-tier. 

Crisscut Fries 

The special thing with these fries is their crisscut shape, making them crispier, as if they were hashbrown fries. It came in two appetizing flavors: Savory Barbeque and Zesty Cheese! McDo’s Twister Fries have already made their comeback. Hello, Jollibee? And maybe regularization for your employees as well? 

Big N’ Tasty 

No one can avoid the temptation of pure beef quarter-pound goodness, creamy cheese, fresh vegetables with smoky sauce—all in a big bun. McDo’s Big N’ Tasty once held our hearts as it left a flavorful taste that is really hard to forget. Are there any other ways to move on?

Arroz Caldo 

Remember when Jollibee’s value meals went for as low as 29 pesos? Nothing beats this creamy and delicious arroz caldo partnered with chicken meatballs and egg. Good choice for a quick breakfast or meryenda, especially during petsa de peligro


In 2015, KFC stepped up their pizza game when they introduced the crispy chicken fillet topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, bell peppers, pineapple tidbits, and melted cheese. Chizza is a yummy snack you’d really love to munch on if you want to fulfill your pizza and chicken cravings. 

Sisig Pizza 

This unique and Filipino-style pizza was one of the best offerings of Greenwich that took our all-time favorite sisig dish to a whole new level. A savory pizza topped with crunchy pork and chicharon, cheese, minced onion, and garlic perfect for a barkada’s drinking sesh! 

Sad to say, not all good things are meant to last. Let’s get emo and cry together as we remember how these nostalgic and unforgettable fast food items bade farewell to the menus of our favorite fast food chains. One last time, please? Still keeping our hopes up though! Which ones are your favorites? 


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